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Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Easy Chunky Cable Knit Scarf

Winter has well & truly set in & it is the best possible time for knitting in my opinion - cold enough for you to want to finish up quickly & past Christmas so you don't have that kind of pressure sat on top of you. I have been enjoying spending long evenings knitting whilst I watch Sherlock (HOW GOOD WAS THE FINALE?!?!?)
This scarf is probably one of the cutest projects I've finished & definitely the coolest pattern I've ever come up with! The chunky wool & 10 mm needles also make it a relatively quick project to finish. It probably won't take you more than a week :)
Plz excuse the background (this picture was taken in my back garden - that's what it looks like in winter)
The chunky cables of this scarf make it incredibly warm & kind of fun to wear - it's definitely going to be a 'statement' scarf...if that makes any sense.

If you are not use to cabling you may find this a little confusing but all you do when you come to the 'CBF8' in the pattern is slip 4 stitches onto a cabling needle (which can be anything; a pencil, a biro, I use an old lip liner & it is the best cabling needle I have ever used) & hold cabling needle in the front of your knitting & then knit the next 4 stiches as normal.
Then knit the 4 stitches from the cabling needle, back into the pattern, just like normal. 
In this pattern each row has two cables in it so you would just repeat this step on the other side, as stated in the pattern. 
When it says in the pattern 'CBB8' all this means is that once you've slipped the 4 stitches onto the cabling needle you hold it behind the knitting, knit the next 4 stitches & then knit the stitches off as before.

What you will need:

3-4 balls of chunky wool (I used Rowan Big Wool in Prize)                      Key
1 pair of 10mm knitting needles                                                                 P = purl stitch
a cabling needle                                                                                          K = knit stitch
                                                                                                             CF8 & CBB8 = see above
Cast on 28 stitches
P1         K12        P2        K12         P1
K1        P12         K2        P12         K1
P1   CBF8   K4   P2   CBF8   K4    P1
K1        P12         K2         P12        K1
P1        K12         P2         K12        P1
K1        P12         K2        P12         K1
P1   K4   CBB8   P2   K4   CBB8   K1
K1        P12         K2         P12        K1
Repeat until the scarf is at the length you want (I used just less than 3 balls of wool) & then cast off on what would be a CBF row.
I then added fringing & if you want to do that make sure to leave about half a ball of wool.
I hope that you try this pattern, be sure to tweet me or email the pictures if you do!

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