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Monday, 17 February 2014

Review: Lipstick Queen Vesuvius Liquid Lipstick

Lipstick Queen is a brand that I adore. I have to say, one of my ambitions is to get some of every formula Lipstick Queen makes in my collection...sad I know but I goals are important in life, lol.
These liquid lipsticks are new - they released on the 14th of February - & when I saw them available for pre-order at Space N.K. I didn't really think before I ordered three of them. Space N.K. sometimes send pre-order items out early so I have had these for almost a week & am able to give a full, detailed review of these.
Blogger tip...order your pre-order product from Space N.K. lol anyway, the review...
So first things first, the formula (I'll talk about the shades in a minute).
Okay, so liquid lipstick. I have to say that this is somewhere in between a gloss, a stain & something like the Hourglass Liquid's more moisturising & a little sheerer than liquid lipsticks I've tried in the past but it still has that weightless pigmentation. This is great for blush (the my-lips-but-better shade) but on the brighter shades it winds up a little patchy...possibly because of the applicator, when I pat it on with my fingers it winds up sheerer but not at all patchy. The colour can be built up but I feel like that's not really the point of these, like trying to build up the colour of a lip stain or a lip gloss.
These have almost no scent at all...maybe a slight minty-ness (I have to love that) but there is a great mint-y, menthol-y feeling on the lips....a little like a really good lipgloss.
The only problem that I can see with the product as a whole is the packaging. This sound silly but the packaging is kind of like the packaging you get for a lot of the highlight-y, under eye concealers - a brush applicator which the product is dispensed into - & although this is a clever idea (built in lip brush & all that) I didn't find that it worked especially well.
From top to bottom, blush - a my lips but better shade - red - a pink red - & coral - a true orange
In terms of the shades, this product comes in 6 different shades: bare, blush, candy, fuchsia, coral & red.  I have blush, coral & red which are all very different shades.

Blush - my favourite, has taken up permanent residence in my handbag (top in the picture). This is the best my lips but better shade that I own, maybe 1 shade pinker & prettier than my natural lips on a good day & amazing when I am feeling ill. There isn't much to say because it is such a lovely colour I can't really say anything bad about it! The shade is the sheerest shade of all which works really well with it being a natural lip colour. I feel like shades like this are what the formula works best for...I really want to try bare now....I may even get candy.....

Red - a stunning, easy daytime red, (middle in the picture). This is a little pinker than my usual taste in reds, not that that's a bad thing. The product 'in the tube' is a dark red, very similar to my favourite reds but the product gets a little patchy (in my experience) unless you sheer it out. Sheered out this lipstick is a great, everyday, red pink with an almost berry like, blue undertone. Very pretty & I think may edge out Lipstick Queen's medieval as my favourite sheer red.

Coral - not really a coral, (bottom in the picture). I got this instead of any of the others because I don't own any corals & it was part of my new years resolution to challenge myself every month. This is not a coral & the true orange shade looks really, stupidly odd on my pale, pale skin. However, this is a really nice formula for an orange lip, the colour is a bit stronger than it is for the other two & the formula layers up better. So if you are a little more tan than me you might like this as a summer lip colour. I am really going to work at wearing this because the formula is lovely...layering maybe.

Good Points

  • Moisturising
  • Glossy but not sticky
  • A very slight minty scent
  • Lovely colours
  • Weightless
  • 'No makeup' feeling
  • My new my-lips-but-better shade - a.k.a. blush
  • No feathering
  • Pretty sheerness
  • Minty feeling on the lips
  • Wear really well, even when eating

Bad Points

  • Coral is not really a coral shade!
  • The packaging is not to my tastes
  • Don't layer well (in my experience)
  • Kind of pricey (£22)
  • Can't see how much product is in the tube
  • Small range of shades
  • Not easy to get hold of

Would I buy it again?

I would buy more colours in this formula & I am already thinking of buying a back up of blush so yes, clearly....but I think that red is a shade that will grow on me during the summer & I think that coral was a mistake for me....


  1. Hi Sally, may I ask you a thing about the packaging of these? I was wondering if they have a twist-up system (you have to twist them in the bottom part) or a kind of button, I didn't get from the photos ^^
    The red seems lovely, but I found good liquid lipsticks from an Italian brand (the only problem are the delivery rates overseas!). I have to say I'm not a big fan of sheer lipsticks, I only have one in my stash (a red, by the way!).

    1. I'm so silly, I should have said....these are twist up packaging.
      Ooo, which brand is the liquid lipstick? I'd love to try it :)
      I'm not usually a sheer lipstick person either but I think they are growing on

      Sally x

    2. That's fine, it happens to forget things like these!
      The brand is called Nabla Cosmetics -the website is still in Italian only but they're translating it in English. However, it's quite easy to find the items (it's a new brand and their range is quite small!) and you can easily find swatches on the net. If you need help or some info let me know ;)


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