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Sunday, 15 June 2014

Sunday Posts - My Gemstone Necklaces

healing gemstone necklaces

Something you may not know about me is that...I have a few hippy-dippy tendencies. I have a deck of tarot cards, I always read the horoscopes on the free people blog (they are freakishly accurate) & I collect gemstone necklaces because I honestly think they make a difference (it's hard to believe that things form over so many years without collecting some kind of energy you know?).
I understand that not everyone is going to believe in the healing power of gemstones, my saner moments I'm not sure I believe either. But then I pick up my stones & I feel a little better.
Whatever. They are super pretty necklaces regardless.
Anyway, since this weekend was the full moon weekend & I 'cleansed the energy' of my necklaces I thought I'd tell you guys about the necklaces I have.
The first one of these necklaces I bought was the petrified wood necklace (the kind of wonky square-ish one) from ethora on etsy. Petrified wood is a stone that I've always felt a connection to, it always sooths me & fills me with quiet energy you know, like you'd feel leaning up against a tree in a quiet bit of nature....
'Technically' petrified wood is supposed to help with hip & backache, restoring energy & balancing emotions. Personally I tend to wear it if I'm going to have a really long day & am going to need a bit of a boost to get through it.

The moonstone & pearl necklace at the bottom was actually made using ethora's 'make your own tree pendant' kit & beads I had from old crystal bead bracelets that broke, ethora does do moonstone necklaces. Moonstone & pearls are both June birthstones - & super pretty - so I'd kept them & it turns out that they are both good for 'feminine issues', hormonal imbalances & PMS as well as helping with digestive issues, water retention that kind of thing. When I was doing the research for this post it seems that some people believe that pearls can also help with blood disorders, joint problems, migraines, neurological disorders & pulmonary things & moonstone is good for kidney issues, poor memory, sleep problems, joints & the heart so this is actually a great necklace for me to wear.
I usually wear this during my time of the month but I also wear it a lot just because it looks super pretty.

The next I got is the big copper & peridot necklace at the back, again from ethora - similar necklace here. Honestly I got this necklace purely because I thought it looked lovely with the green stones & the pretty copper wire. Apparently though peridot helps with confidence & 'clearness of thought' or something. It just a super pretty necklace & I wear it as such.

After that I got the moss agate tree necklace (the small circular tree with the flat gemstone) which is an awesome stone for spoonies. Moss agate is a strong stone for helping the immune system & lymphatic system as well as helping reduce inflammation & - according to some people - it can help reduce food sensitivities. Personally I wear this necklace when I'm feeling ill on top of the M.E. or I feel sore & swollen.

My last ethora necklace is a chrome diopside necklace that I got as part of my 21st present from my mum. Chrome diopside is supposed to help with muscle aches & spasms, detoxification, kidney problems & circulation. I've only just managed to cleanse this so I'm not sure how this necklace is going to work for me but I have a feeling I am going to use it most when I am struggling to control my spasming or when I am getting really bad muscle pain.

The last necklace, the little jade heart is the only gemstone necklace I have that didn't come from ethora. I actually got this from an independent seller I wish I remembered the name of because they had some other really lovely necklaces...
Anyway Jade is a great cleansing/healing stone & is supposed to help with the nervous system, cleanse the blood, remove toxins in the system & help with kidney problems.

The only gemstone I am still actively looking for a necklace in is amber purely because I like amber & always feel connected to it in a similar way I feel connected to petrified wood.
Amber is also supposed to help with headaches, bone problems, heart problems, circulation, pain & interestingly fibromyalgia because as the amber sits on the skin a little of the resins in it absorb into your skin & that is some kind of pain killer - babies can use amber as a teething ring for this reason, & because it's really soft for a stone.
Anyway, my next purchase is likely to be an amber necklace.

Okay. Thank you for reading this far. I know this may seem a little crazy but...what do you think?
Do you have any belief in this or do you think they are just pretty necklaces?

P.S. I do not by any means think that these necklaces will cure me, no more than I think that drinking green tea & taking my huge pot of morning vitamins will cure me. I do think however that these things can help & that I need all the help I can get.


  1. I personally don't know. I'd like to believe it and I think that there's a high chance that they could help with things. It's on my to-do list to actually getting around to getting some necklaces like these, but I can't decide what stone to get. I look at them all and the things they're said to help and say, "ooh, I want that." Not very good for my budget. I should just randomly pick something! I love amber too. Amber is proven to help with teething children, so perhaps everything else works too?

    1. I think that they'll find that everyone is different & for some people stones really do help.
      I would recommend getting a stone you think is really pretty to start with or go to a store somewhere where they sell stones & see which one seems to make a difference when you hold'll know it when you feel it ^^
      I'm the same though, I want to get everything ^^



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