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Friday, 3 March 2017

Wheelchair Fashion: It's winter till I say so

It was SO GOOD to get out to take these pictures! I have been flaring really badly & until earlier this week I hadn't left my room in almost a fortnight. Being able to be outside in the sunshine & fresh air was pretty amazing. It was possibly very slightly reckless of me but it was totally necessary right then, like how winter festivals aren't practical but were historically necessary for people staying happy & sane...
These aren't the best pictures & I didn't get many of them but right now this feels like the best outfit post I've ever done ^^.

Weird outfit to post in the first week in March but hear me out. First, I missed most of winter being trapped in my room & I still had this top to wear, second, it's still the last week of February really and lastly...does it really count as spring if the temperature is below 5゜C? I'm pretty sure it doesn't. Although honestly I remember springs where it didn't get above that until nearly May. My logic may be flawed here.

Regardless I had this top to wear & it was too cute not to share.

This is one of the heart of haute Lily top (currently available in 8 colours, $40-$42 sizes XS-3XL). I ADORE these tops - my white one is a total staple although this one may take its place, especially in winter.
There are lots of reasons why I love these tops so I thought I'd list a few...
  • They are super comfortable - being a stretch fabric means that they are so much more comfortable than the more structured pin-up girl clothing tops I wear a lot
  • They are versatile - they can be dressed up or down, I gave one to my mum & it works just as well with the casual jeans & t-shirt look she rocks as it does with my retro look
  • They are amazing quality - they wash & iron really well & despite being a stretch fabric the boob area never gets that deflated balloon look....
  • That bow!
Literally the only thing I don't like about them is that - because I am insecure about my arms - when I look at pictures of myself in this top all I can see is the flabbiness of my arms. But again, that's my issue & nothing to do with the top.

I'm wearing the skirt from the last post (it is so cute!). Normally I don't like skirts this long in the wheelchair, for a whole bunch of reasons including them getting caught in my wheels & then making me look like I'm wearing a maxi skirt, but this one flirts with the line of being too something about the fabric manages to make it not look as 70's as some other skirts I've worn that were this length.

When do you feel spring starts? Also do you think I should dye my hair again this spring/summer? I have the past few years but I'm not sure this year...

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  1. That really is such a cute top! I love the colour x


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