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Friday 27 February 2015

Wheelchair Fashion: Tea & BBQ

I was so excited for spring....right up until I remembered that meant that I probably wasn't going to be wearing some of my darker coloured clothes for a few months. Suddenly I was all nostalgic for burgundies & navies & a whole but load of black (although I don't wear that much black...).

So when my brother dragged us clothes shopping (he bought 4 plain t-shirts) I ended up putting on this outfit.

My brain is still feeling super mushy after the day out so the words I'm using in this post will be limited... My top is from George @ ASDAs (all my clothes at the moment seem to come from ASDA....), the belt is from ASOS, the necklace is from a long out of business store (I've had it for nearly 10 years), my skirt is from Modcloth & the shoes are from Accessorise.

After we did the shopping I treated people to lunch at Reds, they had new items on the menu so it was kind of a pre requisite.....

I had the brisket & burnt ends sandwich & everyone else's sides ^^ Not really but I did get a lot of sides...they have to be one of the best parts of going to Reds & anyone who says they aren't doesn't have the same obsession with American food I do ^^ The cornbread btw is UNBELIEVABLE! I didn't think I liked cornbread but I do now ^^

And this is the most flattering picture of me at Reds, all the others involve me trying to eat very, very full sandwiches lol. Oh & btw those are my noise cancelling headphones, I wear them basically the whole time when I'm in town (the whole place is crazy loud) but I ALWAYS wear them in Reds, they play the music unbelievably loud.

Which bit of winter fashion are you going to miss the most?

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