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About Me

 My name is Robyn & I use they/them pronouns & I’ve been online in one form or another for longer than I like to admit (since about 2011), first on Youtube (long since deleted), then on here, now mostly on Instagram & a little on TikTok.

You may have noticed the wheelchair in my posts, I’m disabled. I have a few conditions, the main one being M.E. which I will talk about sometimes, mostly though these days I talk about what I experience as a disabled person, not about my specific symptoms.

I have used this blog to document my fashion journey (& looking back some of it is very embarrassing lol). These days I blend my love of vintage fashion with cottagecore and folkcore styles as well as a few edwardian touches. Basically my style is all over the place 😅 You can almost always find me in a full skirt though & a hat or headband of some kind, that’s kind of my signature look.

I take my outfit photos all over Yorkshire, England, which is where I am based with my mum, brothers & our two cats, Ruthie & Freddie. They’re kind of camera shy so you won’t see them much in my content but they’re around, I literally could not make the content I make without them.

So, where else to find me online, 

My Instagram: @wheelingalong24

My TikTok : @wheelingalong24