Thursday, 20 October 2016

Wheelchair Fashion: The Golden Leaves of Lothlorien

Of the two in-accuracies in the title I'm not sure if I'm more bummed about these picture not really being in a wheelchair or not really being in Lothlorien...
Actually that's not true. I'm more bummed about not being in my wheelchair, especially after taking these photos. I HATE mobility scooters; why is the suspension always terrible & why is the turning so unnecessarily confusing? It's weird though, people notice me more in a mobility scooter than in my wheelchair... I still hate the thrice cursed things.

My wheelchair is out of commission atm & I feel like I lost a limb & an old friend all in one. Once it's repaired I should probably get a proper name for her, I've had her for 3 years now I think she's earned one. Especially if they don't have to replace the main control unit 'cause that would totally suck.

I was determined to get out to take outfit photos despite not having my chair. I mean, technically, I have the body just not the electrical part so I can use the manual wheels like I have in the past but my mum refuses to push me more than a few metres (especially if I'm going to do outfit photos) because I'm apparently 'fussy' which I don't think is that unreasonable but w/ only one of the breaks works for the manual wheels so it's not really practical when taking outfit photos... Where was I?

Right, I was determined to take outfit photos. Autumn doesn't last that long, especially in the north of England (it's pretty much just October) & it rains like half the time so there is a very small window of time & since Autumn outfits are the most fun it's always kind of a rush to get a few taken. So earlier this week I braved mobility scooter hell (it's not literally hell but it really did f*ck up my hips) & went out to Harlow Carr Gardens near Harrogate to get my pictures taken.

Quick aside, if you are in Yorkshire & you want a nice, spoonie friendly day out Harlow Carr is pretty good. You can book mobility scooters, there is a wheelchair accessible path & the café is a Betty's so pretty awesome. The café can get pretty loud & the Betty's shop is almost impossible to navigate around in a wheelchair but there is an outdoor betty's in the gardens which doesn't tend to get so loud (less selection though) & you can buy most stuff from the shop if you have someone with you willing to brave the queues...

I am so in love with this outfit, every part of it worked so perfectly :) I ordered the cardigan to replace an old & much loved jumper in almost the exact same colour (the only shade of orange I can wear). I was hoping it would be okay but it's actually magic. Seriously. I think it's the cut; normally I find the neckline of cardigans to be too boxy but this one is just stunning! I think I'm going to have to get it in S-every colour honestly. It's the Charter School Cardigan in Ginger from Modcloth (XS-4XL, $39.99) & seems to run true to size although I got a 1XL & it totally worked for me so I guess check the size chart... It's also super soft & warm despite being quite thin :)

Other than the cardigan, the rest are wardrobe staples for me. The skirt is the first (& only) pin-up girl clothing skirt I own. I got it from Deadly is the Female last year & was so happy, it's still the best pin-up skirt I own but it was obviously limited edition & unavailable now except in tiny sizes :( I hope they do more prints like this though cause I love them so much :)
The top is also pinup girl clothing, it's the white peasant top & is (thankfully) available all the time (XS-4XL $56). The peasant tops from pinup girl clothing are a total basic in my wardrobe, I think I have 5...

The tights are in the shade conker from M&S (S-XL £2.50), the shoes are my old Burgandy B.A.I.T shoes & the necklace is from THIS etsy seller. I recommend looking at all their stuff because it's really cool :)

What's your favourite season for clothes? Also wheelchair or mobility scooter? And most importantly do you like the new hair colour? lol
Happy autumn everyone.
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Friday, 7 October 2016

Spoonie Survival Kit: Spoonie Friendly Bedding

Being a spoonie seems to bleed over into every part of our lives. Things that you barely even thought about as a non-spoonie become complicated, time consuming, often costly decisions. Everything from what to eat to what kind of soap to use or what kind of light bulbs you have in your house become minefields, balancing symptoms with sensitivities, budget & about 100 other things.
When you are in bed you just want to get the best possible rest you can & not deal with anything, which can be hard when your duvet makes you feel like you are being slowly crushed under a matt of (incredibly heavy) nettles...
There are lots of things spoonie friendly bedding needs to do (every spoonie has different requirements) but as the nights are starting to draw in & it gets colder I thought I'd post some of my favourites in the hopes they spare people the sleepless nights I had under my old winter duvet (double bed sized, unbelievably heavy & feather filled! lets just say it did NOT work for me).

Heated Blanket

Last winter, or possibly the winter before (they are all kind of a mush) I found my symptoms had progressed to the point where my winter duvet was too heavy for me to cope with. Unfortunately however it was winter & in Yorkshire that means the nights get COLD. Even wearing layers (including a jumper) to bed I was too cold to sleep.  Luckily for me my mum is something of a genius & thought of using my heated blanket at night (which I have to be honest, totally freaked me out at first). Totally works; when it gets really cold I layer it up with my spring/summer duvet but most of the time I just put it on a low-ish setting & sleep like a baby.
I've had a couple of heated blankets before the one I have now, one of which was really narrow & wouldn't have worked for this at all & one of which was itch-y & died on me (not a great combination). The one that I recommend the most is this one from amazon. It's not the cheapest ever - ~£50 - but it's so big & comfortable I'm totally convinced it's worth it & it's about the same price as good duvet.

Silk Filled Duvet

This is a bit of an extravagance if I'm honest, although I'm not sure how I'd cope without it. You know how I mentioned my mum is a bit of a genius? She's also a bit obsessed with finding things that will make my life easier, which is both a blessing & a curse sometimes :) This is one of her finds & for all that I thought it was just her being crazy when she first mentioned it I'm really glad she found it. Weight of my duvet is a massive issue for me, I'm not sure if that is a common symptom or just something I get but it's something I really struggle with, especially when the surface level pain (pain in my skin rather than pain in muscles or bones or organs w/e) is especially bad & this silk filled duvet is less than half the weight of the duvet I had before & is slightly warmer.
As I said, the duvet is a bit of an extravagance, I have a medium weight single duvet & it cost £145 (which I'm glad I didn't know when my mum bought it cause I would have freaked out) but it really does make a massive difference & it's not at all itchy which is also amazing. Possibly a good thing to ask Father Christmas for? Or do what my brother does & tell everyone you just want money because you are saving up for something & then get this ^^

Sheets & Pillow Cases

I wish I could tell you guys what kind of fabric would not trigger your touch sensitivity but unfortunately I'm pretty sure that depends on your body. My brother has dermographia (his body makes too much histamine & he gets unbelievably itchy) & prefers jersey cotton bedding. I'm mostly okay as long as my bedding is cotton although I have silk pillowcases for a number of reasons (silk is kinder to your skin & hair, but I also used to get rashes & spots under my skin when I uses cotton pillowcases that I don't get anymore & it doesn't burn even on really bad days).

I have to include my bottom sheet, another one of my mum's finds, mostly because it saves me from throttling my mum. I have a profiling bed (one of the only house adaptations the council could help me with) & I tend to toss & turn a lot in my sleep - I did before I got sick but I'm a LOT worse now - & most bottom sheets elastic can't keep them in place under that kind of stress. I don't really care but it really bugs my mum. I'd be laying in bed, barely able to move & my mum would start fidgeting with the bottom sheet, trying to get it tucked back under the mattress. The bottom sheet I currently have seems to hold up a lot better & is very comfortable (which is always a bonus).

Sorry for mentioning my mum so much but things like this are where she tends to excel :)

Friday, 30 September 2016

Wheelchair Fashion: Autumn Pinup

I am so happy it's Autumn. I LOVE Autumn clothes, I love the colours, the patterns, the makeup, the food, the weather & most importantly the fact I don't have to shave my legs anymore lol.
I'm not as happy that the light is harder to take photos in but I'm working with it :)

So these clothes are from Miss Candyfloss, there's this new collection from them (the librarian collection) that's absolutely stunning & incredibly autumn-y & perfect......I wish more of it would work for me because it really is beautiful.

This skirt (from Miss Candyfloss, 80 euros in sizes XS-3XL) is totally my favourite part of the collection, so far anyway. It is unbelievably stunning, this amazing heavy embroidered top layer over a softer, satin-y under layer.
There is no stretch in the skirt so it's a good idea to get the exact right size, I think it runs a little small, it didn't fasten up on me but that might be because I'm bloated :) Also, with the overlay being such a thick fabric you end up with quite a bulky waistband. It's not too noticeable if you wear a wide belt over it but if you don't have one or like wide belts it could ruin the silhouette a bit...
It's described as a skirt for bad hair days, something that draws attention & it totally is that. It is a total show stopper, only bested for me by this top.

I am 100% in love with this top (Miss Candyfloss, 52.50 euros, XS-5XL) . More like 200% in love. I did not know it was possible to love a top as much as I love this one. At some point when I feel more confident with my body I'm going to do an outfit post that shows quite how amazing this top makes my body look, I honestly felt sexy which is not common feeling for me/ I mean it never was a common feeling for me but I have definitely not felt sexy since I got sick. Pretty, well dressed, confident but never sexy. I'm not sure why but I kind of want to cry, my body confidence has been at an all time low recently (it always is when I gain weight around my face) so to feel sexy despite that was totally amazing.
I wish the top was still available in more colours in my size because I adore it. I would totally buy one (or more) in every colour.

I just realised that this is sounding like an advert for Miss Candyfloss, it's seriously not :)

The only things I can think to add to this post are a rant about what's going on with me which I'm not doing (mostly because I'm super boring) or a list of all the things I am loving ATM which I feel deserves a better place than being bungee in at the end of a blog post.... Maybe I'll do a proper once a month round up of the things I'm loving... Could be fun, if I ever have enough energy ^^ Writing the blog posts I do write is a mega push as it is at the moment. I think it's just with the last few weeks being so insanely hard (my brothers going back to college/uni has not been a smooth road & that has taken it's toll) but I'm not sure.
Are there any types of posts you guys would like to see more of?

Thursday, 15 September 2016

Wheelchair Fashion: Watercolour Roses

I really want to make excuses for being AWOL for so long (not just here but on social media too) but honestly excuses are as boring to read to as they are for me to write. Lets just say I've not been feeling up to any of my usual things.
I'm pretty sure I would have written this post if it wasn't for the Paralympics being on. I remember when I first saw the Paralympics I had only been sick for 2 years. I'd been told over & over to just push through it & had tried to do so. Ultimately it had not only made me sicker but it hadn't achieved anything. I was defeated & felt like I would never be able to achieve anything ever again. Watching the Paralympics made me remember that I should be focusing on what I can do not what I can't do.
Watching it this summer has helped me again. I have been kind of coasting along, being & doing but not striving or setting myself challenges. Watching the Paralympics has pushed me to set some goals & try to improve what I'm doing.

None of this is relevant to my outfit however, sorry for being so dull.
This skirt is pretty incredible huh? It's from Heart of Haute ($80-$84 in sizes XS-2XL, mine is a 2XL) & is super cute. It was a bit of a pain to get, it was held up in customs for ages but when it finally arrived! It is an almost perfect match for my Pinup Couture Peasant top in Bright Blue ($56 sizes XS-4X) & I feel like the colour combo is very vintage-y. It kind of reminds me of that of 50s-60s blue eye shadow ^^ It was so far outside of my comfort zone though that I was totally freaking out, there is no way I would have been able to put it on if not for the incredible print on this skirt. I LOVE this kind of loose, abstract watercolour & would pretty much wear anything in this kind of print, I'm trying to talk myself out of getting the pink one.

The quality of the skirt is AMAZING, Heart of Haute is always really good but this skirt is extra good. I always tend to judge this based on the zip (it's as good a measure as any other) & the zip on this is very good, even over the waistband. (My mum says it irons really easily - that's how she measures quality).

The accessories are pretty standard for me, the B.A.I.T. Dusty Pink Ida's ($67 US sizes 6-11), my super old nude belt from FCUK (that I actually extend with ribbon so it's big enough for me lol), the hat is my new straw boater from Pinup Girl Clothing & the necklace is one I got for my birthday a few years ago :)

I feel like I should say more about the clothes but for me as long as it's not pjs it's pretty impressive, I spend 90% wondering how anyone has the energy to get dressed in 'real' clothes everyday (I'm even more impressed that most people wash everyday, where the heck do you people get that energy?).
It's funny cause I used to take all these things for granted but I now can't imagine how I did it, I wish I'd taken greater advantage of it all back then.

I added the prices & information on the things I'm wearing in this post, do you guys like that? I'm not sponsored or anything I just know that I hate trying to search for something I've seen in a post only to discover they don't make it in my size anyway...
Also do you like my chatting jibberish or would you rather I stuck to the facts of the outfit?

Friday, 19 August 2016

Wheelchair Fashion: One Skirt, Three Ways

One of the things about being a spoonie fashion blogger is that I rarely let myself wear the same outfit twice. I don't get out that often so I aim to get photos taken every time. I don't but I aim to :)
One of the hard parts though is thinking of different ways to put together the pieces I have...
That's pretty much how I came up with this post. It's something I've wanted to do for years but never been able to put together, hopefully it will be something I'll be able to do semi-regularly from now on. No promises though :)

I got this skirt from Modcloth, I don't know who made it though. It's nice but it has a super cheap zip which sucks, it's a mega nuisance. The gingham is adorable though & it's a good basic skirt, literally goes with everything.

These photos were taken back in spring when there were bluebells out in the woods, except in the woods in the middle of Leeds (there is this cool old wood in the middle of Leeds for like no reason. It used to get MASSES of bluebells but doesn't seem to get as many these days). We'd gone out literally just so I could get away from my foster brother who was driving me crazy & ended up finding a patch of bluebells in my favourite park.
So, the top is from Pin Up Girl Clothing, the belt is from Hell Bunny & the hat + necklace are old, like 5 or 6 years at least.

I wanted one of these outfits to be very different to my usual style, something I would never normally wear. This outfit is a mixture of my style back in high school (the necklace & t-shirt date back to then) & my style now. When I was looking at the photos I couldn't help but laugh at how much it looks just like both the other outfits. Honestly though if you find a silhouette that works for you don't feel shy about sticking with it, even if this post didn't show very different ways of wearing the skirt it at least shows how different you can make the exact same outfit look lol

I even took these photos in front of my old haunt in Leeds. Back when I was in high school Leeds was full of goths & emos & moshers who all hung around the corn exchange :) They cleaned the corn exchange up a while back & killed the whole scene but that was me back in the day. I wore corsets & stripe-y tights, lots of black, tutu skirts & red lipstick...I kind of wish I had photos of me back in the day, it's a whole other lifetime for me ^^

I've already posted this outfit so I won't go into great detail but yeah, like I said when I posted it, the top is a little outside of my comfort zone (a very narrow colour palette somewhere in the region of muted, grey toned colours between pink & green - pink, purple, blue & green - with white & tan as neutrals + minimal black....).
I included this because it made me lol how different the outfit looks with just a change of colours & accessories, I mean all the components are basically the same. I am wearing a peasant top, a belt & the same skirt & yet unless I'm looking at them side by side I think of them as very different outfits...

So, one basic worn three ways... Is this a style of post you'd like to see again? How would you style the skirt? What basics do you wear all the time?

Friday, 5 August 2016

Wheelchair Fashion: Lavender Vision

I am ridiculously obsessed with lavender. Purple in general is pretty awesome but lavender is my favourite...hence this outfit. I started off with the shoes, they were so perfect I couldn't but get them.....and then I realised I had nothing to go with them. Since then I've gotten a lot of lavender pieces, the crowning glory of which is this Lavender Jenny Dress from Pin Up Girl Clothing.

I try not to buy dresses because, whilst they are beautiful & easy to wear, it's only really possible to wear them one way. Ideally I would have liked to get this as a skirt, it would have been a super cute skirt, but it's a pretty awesome dress.

I am in LOVE with the colour although it's more of a lilac than a lavender. I also love the skirt, it's got that great Jenny fullness & the quality of the fabric is again amazing.
I'm not sure about the bodice yet. It's comfortable but I'm not sure it's 100% flattering on my body. The first time I tried it on (without shape wear) the bodice made me look like I was straight up & down & kind of dumpy... I'm still working on how it works best on my body.

I hadn't really meant for this outfit to be so very lavender but this was the best cardigan I had available & I like it so much more than what I had planned.
Mostly what I had planned was leaving the house, I wasn't even planning to take outfit photos I just wanted out of the house & wanted to put this on (finally! it had been hanging in my wardrobe for too long!!!) I hate how the best outfit posts are the unplanned ones, it's so frustrating sometimes lol

In other news my Mum & I cut my hair. I normally get my hair cut at the hairdressers but recently it's been using WAY too much energy so I decided to have a go at doing it myself. My mum shaved the back & sides & I did as much of the rest that I could.
I'm calling the result okay but I recommend having thick hair, it masks a lot of the mistakes :) Hopefully we'll get better at it as we go on ^^

P.S. the necklace is from BooTeeq on Etsy. It's a super adorable spoon necklace, it's got a great vintage-y design. The shop is run by a fellow spoonie who is raising money for a much needed electric wheelchair!

Friday, 22 July 2016

Wheelchair Fashion: Heat Wave Style

Gosh this weather is crazy. I mean it's lovely & everything but it's exhausting too. Weirdly though my pain is less & I have more energy. I'm going with it & am trying to make the most of it (mostly by playing Pokémon Go). So when my brother needed to go to a museum like an hour away for like 10 minutes research I decided to go with them. I mean I didn't just go to the museum, we also had lunch & went to one of my favourite places in the world (lavender world), but it's still not something I would normally even think about doing.

It's pretty unusual for me to pick bright colours. I'm pretty much a pastel/jewel toned kind of gal but the hot weather made me gravitate towards the brightest item in my wardrobe, this top. It's yet another peasant top by Pinup Girl Clothing but I really struggle for tops so when I find something I actually like I get it in every colour (or at least every colour I like...I'm totally fussy).
The hat is also from Pinup Girl Clothing, I have a straw boater I got from H&M ages ago which I love but is totally falling apart so I totally ordered this hat. It's got a much bigger brim & ribbons in the back...I'm not sure if I like it more than my old hat but it's pretty cute & much better colour.

I got the skirt from Modcloth so I have no idea who made it :( The skirt is nice, good pockets & everything but the zip is super cheap, it's a bit of a pain. Such a cute skirt though.

So guys how have you been spending the heat wave?

Monday, 18 July 2016

Pokémon Go: A Spoonie's Guide

Pokémon Go is everywhere & if it's not something you are into I can imagine you must be really bored by now.
I've played pokemon since it was on gameboy colour (mine was the purple see through gameboy colour & this craze is magical for me. I have to admit I feel like I'm back in primary school playing Pokémon in the playground with my friends.

Unfortunately my body has changed (in more ways than one) & I don't have as much energy as I did back then. That would be true even if I wasn't chronically ill but it's ridiculously apparent with my chronic illness.
I'm still Pokémon mad though so I kind of went nuts. I went out Pokémon hunting within hours of the game officially releasing in the UK. And then I went out the next day. And the next. And then my lips went blue & I found myself unable to sit up.... Funny how that was bound to happen.

I've seen a lot of things about how difficult Pokémon go is for people with disabilities & I'm here to tell you it is all true. I'm also here to tell you that all is not lost. Pokémon go is still totally playable, you've just got to play smart.

  1. Reconnaissance. If you know anyone else who plays the game, get them to find you places that are easily accessible for you near a gym/Poké stop or where there are good Pokémon. Examples are in cafes or car parks, anywhere you can sit & rest whilst you discover Pokémon.
  2. Parks are your friend. I've only been to my local park so far but I've read lots & parks are the key. Especially if the park has lots of gyms & Poké Stops & ideally some kind of water. Places like this spawn masses more Pokémon than anywhere else & usually more rares.
  3. Evenings. Evenings have lower light, less people (mostly) & often better Pokémon, or at least less people to catch them.
  4. Use incense & lures. Incense is used on you & draws local Pokémon to you, useful but not amazing. Lures are used on Poké stops & draw Pokémon towards it. Both of these are handy if you are in a wheelchair or have low mobility because you can just set them off & the Pokémon come to you rather than the other way around. Super handy.
  5. Use lucky eggs. If you are not going to be able to play the game much you want to make the most of every opportunity & lucky eggs do that. Lucky eggs double your XP & the more you level up, the better the Pokémon you catch are.
  6. Turn off AR. One of the best parts of Pokémon Go is that you can see the Pokémon 'in real life' via the augmented reality feature. The only problem is that this can make catching Pokémon harder & it can be more jarring and/or exhausting. Turning it off can help your energy last longer.
  7. Know your limits. My biggest tip is to remember what you know about your body. If you know that you can't go out when it is bright out, or that you can't cope with more than one outing a week DON'T do it, even if there is a Squirtle in the area. It's not worth it. Although maybe take note of where it was? (Seriously though, somewhere near me is a Squirtle spawing place & it is driving me insane that I can't go out to catch them)
The hardest part (in my opinion) are eggs which only hatch after you walk a certain distance. My answer? Dogs, younger siblings or very understanding carers. Strap your phone to any of the above as they wander around the house & it won't take too long for your egg to hatch :)

Finally remember that Pokémon turn up everywhere & that if you are patient they will eventually come to you :)


Friday, 1 July 2016

Wheelchair Fashion: Victoriana Pin-up

Oh my gosh this outfit post was a pain in the ASS to get done! For some reason whatever I did 99% of the photos didn't work out. I tend to get about 200 photos per outfit & of those 10% are up to my standards (lighting, pose & my face tend to be the main issues) & then I narrow down from there. This time I took outfit photos on two separate days making nearly 600 photos total & I ended up with about 10 maybes.....
The behind the scenes of outfit photos is super glamorous lol

White dresses with a delicate blue floral print hold a special place in my heart owning to a book I read as a teenager (Magic Flutes by Eva Ibbotson). Ever since then I have always had at least one dress like this in my wardrobe so it's kind of unusual that I come across a white & blue print that is really exciting to me.
This skirt kind of blew me away though. The cut is an incredible A-line shape but like super full rather than boxy like I'm used to which was special in and of itself. The key thing though was the
pattern. It kind of reminds me of the kind of old school willow pattern china but like the really old school stuff before they were mass producing it. It's the more grown up sophisticated version of the endless blue & white dresses I have owned.

Technically this isn't a dress so I'm not really filling that empty spot in my wardrobe yet but I actually preferred the skirt to the dresses that came in this print (all on Collectif which is where the skirt is from) but it is more versatile in the skirt, even though it's the wrong blue & the wrong white to go with my pin up girl peasant tops (no-one else sees it but the microscopic shade difference bugs me ludicrous amounts).
This skirt feels to me more 40s or possibly 30s than my other vintage repro pieces although the print makes me think of Edwardian tea gowns hence it being Victoriana Pin-up...

Do you have any absolute wardrobe staples? Has your style ever been inspired by a book?

Friday, 10 June 2016

Wheelchair Fashion: Summer Ice-Cream

Wow, I've been AWOL for a while. Things went a little nutty there. I had a....dip I guess I'd call it? I hesitate to call it a flare because those are usually short & dramatic for me, followed by a few days/weeks of recovery. This felt almost like a natural progression & at several points in the last few weeks I was worried that that was what it was.
I was bedridden, completely, for a while & I kept drifting in & out of an almost delirious sleep. Focusing, even on eating & drinking was hard & even when stuff started to get easier I struggled with stuff that wasn't hard before. I'm still struggling with things like Instagram & blogging. I'm sure I'll get the hang of it again but I really miss staying in touch with my friends.

It was so glorious at the beginning of this I pushed myself to get out & take some outfit pictures. I was so scared that going out would instantly be too much (I'm sure you guys know the feeling) but guess I'd left it long enough & it was actually magical. I didn't do much obviously but just being out in the sunshine hearing the birds & feeling the breeze nearly made me cry, I'm a total wuss lol :)

I'm not really sure of words to say or things to put in this post. I feel like I owe you all a post with lots of information, interesting anecdotes or at least something more than "my top is from pin up girl clothing, my skirt is from lindy bop, my shoes are from B.A.I.T. footwear & my hat is old from H&M" but I'm not really sure what to add. I've been so out of it for so long & my foster brother is using so much brain space at the moment that I'm totally muddled.

It's stupid to think that 6/7 years ago I would have looked at what I am doing right now - sitting in pjs at 2 in the afternoon on a weekday desperately trying to write a blog post - as nothing. The me I was back then would probably have thought it was a waste of time & she definitely wouldn't have been happy knowing that at 23 she would still be living in her mum's house having achieved none of her goals.
The me I am now just feels unbelievably lucky to be able to sit up in clean pjs, having had a wash (including my hair!!!) & think clearly enough to write this. I feel so lucky that I was able to go out when it was sunny & that it hasn't put me back into bed.
I feel sad for the me I used to be sometimes, she had so much (her health & all that energy for one thing) & she was so busy getting ready for the future that she didn't really make the most of the time she had.

P.S. I know it sounds weird to think of myself as two separate people but I really have very little in common with the person I used to be. That person had the potential to be me but she was so busy worrying about where she was going that she forgot to enjoy the journey. Knowing that all I have is the journey I'm a much happier, more fun person.

How has everyone been? Did you get to enjoy the weather?