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Friday, 13 October 2017

Wheelchair Fashion: Femme Fatale

You know it is very hard to write a blog post when your cat is sleeping next to you looking super adorable... I think it's a plot to prevent me from being productive. Especially as she leaves as soon as I give up on my laptop.

I think this is a blog post for which I need to set the scene.
It's night. There's fog. That film noir music starts to swell in the background. A wheelchair user rolls into the light of the single lamppost. Her face is all but obscured by the night & yet you can see the determination in the glint in her eyes and the set of her mouth. She’s hunted for the secrets only she knows. Knowledge too deadly to trust to any man.
A car passes between you and she is gone, back into the night & the safety of the shadows.

Lol. This shoot had the silliest & most convoluted backstory. My mum & I just kept adding to it all the way through planning.
So it's the cold war (or maybe the early 40's, not quite sure) I'm working as a lab assistant but am actually more qualified than my boss who is making me do all the work & then stealing my ideas & giving them to the enemy. I've been working undercover building a case against him with the government but then I discover something (I think super powers but it doesn't really matter) that I don't trust him with so I take the research & leave. But then for some reason I also don't trust my own government can see how convoluted it got. Would make a great film though. Way more fun than another fast & furious sequel.

The whole story is really all about how next level badass I feel in the dress. Like Veronica Mars meets Kate Daniels meets my avatar in Secret World...and if you got all of those references you not only win a gold star you also get a high five :)
This whole look spawned from the Autumn-Winter Miss Candyfloss collection (which has a whole femme fatale, Agent Carter vibe). I loved the collection, it was so bad-ass yet it also felt like something powerful women from the 1940's/1950's would have worn. I love that there was a collection focusing on the kickassness (what? It’s a word) of the women at the time. There are so many representations of susie homemaker style women of in the 40’s & 50’s & so few of strong independent women like Agent Carter (who I know is imaginary but doesn’t feel imaginary).
Kind of cute anecdote, the first thing my littlest brother said when he saw me wearing this was that I looked like Agent Carter.....he then said I wasn't pretty enough to be Agent Carter but I'm still counting it as a compliment lol.

All I can say is I have actually had dreams where I was wearing this dress I loved it so much. It gave me badass film noir anti-hero vibes the whole time I was wearing it & I LOVED it.

Am I answering an invisible phone? Am I playing an invisible piano? Am I communicating in some super secret spy language? I guess we'll never know...

I did feel very film noir down by the canal, even the weather conspired turning a morning that was supposed to be sunny & clear into one that was drizzly & very overcast. 90% of my lighting came from street lamps which made for interesting lighting & a very draining shoot.....especially when you are the only one who knows how the settings work on the camera lol.
Down by the canal has changed a lot from when I used to mooch around town in my teen years. It used to have a much more grungy graffiti & litter vibe than it does now (there used to be a tunnel with some very interesting anatomical graffiti that always made me giggle). Most of what's there now is posh apartments for people who work in town & some places to eat. Plus a courtyard with speakers hidden in the trees playing birdsong....(totally creepy btw, if you want bird song in your courtyard put up bird boxes & bird feeders...).

It was actually the second time I tried to shoot, the first time nothing worked. It was too dark & the background was wrong & so were the angles.... Mostly though it was just too busy (problems with trying to take photos somewhere urban in winter, golden hour is at 7....just as people are starting to go to work. I have been doing outfit photos for years & I have never been stared at more than during this photoshoot....

The dress was from Miss Candyfloss but I'm pretty sure it's sold out everywhere.... Sorry about that. It may be worth haunting their social media though because sometimes they do re-releases?
The petticoat I got from Vivien of Holloway. I actually don't recommend it to wheelchair users, it was quite slippy & a bit too long for my skirts. A nice petticoat but not one I'd buy again...
I got the hat from Top Vintage Boutique. I'm not sure it'll get worn a lot just because it's quite a statement, you can't be subtly vintage in a hat like that, but it's definitely cute. I particularly like that it has an alligator clip instead of a comb, a must if you have fine, slippy hair like me. Also if you recently cut most of it off... The hat stayed in place really well with only a reasonable amount of hairspray (my hair wasn't crispy afterwards...that denotes only a sensible amount of hairspray was used).
The gloves are vintage & I got them from Etsy (it's where I get all my vintage goodies).
The shoes are from Modcloth. I've been trying to find different & more interesting vintage style shoes & I've been looking at these for a while. I was a little nervous because I wasn't sure on sizing & you can't fudge with open sided shoes but I finally got the largest size 11W (I always get my shoes too long because otherwise I don't fit comfortably width wise, my comfiest B.A.I.T. shoes are a size 11). I could totally have gotten away with a size smaller, these are about a size too long on me but honestly it doesn't matter, I don't walk in them anyway. The real issue is that they are awkwardly high on my footplates. I'm going to have to think long & hard before I get any other heels this high. However cute they may be.

I think that's everything...
Is the construction super noticeable in the above photo? I thought the black & white made it less obvious but I'm not so sure now....
Something about the balcony & the construction reminded me of when I was in Venice (a long time ago). It had the same kind of feeling, especially in black & white. I colour it's just a big old mess.

You know this would make a great Halloween costume. Like I'm in costume as a 40's spy but at the same time all the pieces are re-wearable & I'm not a creepy misogynistic Halloween cliche... Plus I look awesome & confident. And warm.... You know the more I think about it the more I like it as a concept lol

Do you do anything for Halloween? It's not a big deal where I live so we don't really do anything. Mostly we watch Hocus Pocus & eat fun sized chocolate bars in the dark. That's pretty halloween-y...

Friday, 29 September 2017

Wheelchair Fashion: Autumn Picnic

This post was kind of inevitable after my last one. Being at Brimham Rocks reminded me of how much I used to love the kind of early autumn picnics when there was a touch of frost in the air & we would have soup from thermos flasks somewhere in the middle of a walk. A lot of my fondest memories are of days like that...
With these memories haunting me I thought I'd take a risk. I remembered that there was a service road all the way up to the house/cafe at Brimham Rocks & I hoped that I would be able to get my wheelchair along that far enough to find an area I could take photos. I wasn't expecting much, maybe a slightly passable incline leading to a slightly open space where you could see rocks in the background. I vaguely remembered something like that & was hoping I could find it before my hips got too painful..

I found something better.

So it turns out that in the past few years the people at Brimham rocks have been building a totally smooth (tarmac & everything) wheelchair accessible path! Not an access road but an actual path through nature & everything.
It's not totally finished yet (it transitions quite abruptly into a packed dirt path not far from the house, manageable but uncomfortable - I couldn't stand it for more than a few feet) but apparently it will be finished next summer! How amazing is that? Wheelchair accessible nature!
Brimham Rocks is very hilly & some of the dips & rises were a little nerve wracking but if you were in a slightly more powerful powerchair, had someone pushing you or were in a motor scooter I can't see it being a problem. Worth trying at any rate.
I had to get off the path though, it's not really a picnic if you spent the whole time on the path. Or at least not the kind I remember.

The panic of getting a wheelchair up a steep and slippery incline with a slightly under-powered wheelchair was pretty intense. Worth it but probably not something I want to repeat.

It was a perfect morning, one of those dewy fresh Autumn mornings just on the edge of turning to frost. It's funny to think of it being Autumn because it wasn't officially yet, the leaves hadn't turned & the equinox hadn't passed but it was Autumn all the same. Perhaps that's why the season passes so quickly, it starts before we really acknowledge it & it's supplanted by Christmas the day after Halloween.

I guess being there got me all philosophical. It was one of those things that I thought I would never get to experience again & that I wish I'd not taken for granted you know? I'm sure every spoonie has a list as long as their arm of things like that. Dancing & going out by yourself & walking without pain & reading a book in one go & writing an essay &.....oh & all the little things that we all took for granted & miss so dreadfully now they are gone. It was seriously magical to get cross one of those things off the list. I did it, & it was worth the little flare I had afterwards.
Especially since I had one of those perfect Autumn moments, with the smell of damp bracken & the hot chocolate & the pumpkin muffins & the sunrise....if anyone worked out how to condense all that into a candle I'm sure I'm not the only one who'd buy 8.

This outfit is everything I was hoping it would be & more. The cardigan is by EmmyDesign Sweden & is one of their infamous Ice Skater cardigans in Cinnamon (it seems to be out of stock on their website but there seem to still be a few on the Revival Retro website). I've wanted one since last year but what with the price & the fact they go out of stock so quickly I never got one, this year however my mum treated me to this one as an early Christmas present & I can neither confirm or deny that I fell so desperately in love that I dipped deeply into my savings to buy two of the other colours. Okay I did & I regret nothing. The cardigans are so warm & so soft & despite being wool they are not itchy at all. Plus they are stunning & they look good with my clothes. Worth. Every. Penny.

The skirt is another item that was worth every penny. It's from Heart of Haute & is so lovely. It's made of a warm & soft plaid material, so warm & soft in fact that it kind of felt like I had a super light weight blanket wrapped around my legs, a total bonus for any wheelchair user. The whole outfit was pretty warm if I'm honest, the only part of me that got cold was my hands.

The blouse is from Collectif Clothing but they don't make it in this colour anymore (it's in a red now). I've been really struggling to find vintage style blouses that are the style I'm looking for - kind of a true vintage, House of foxy kind of style - that come in my size (a 2XL or a UK 20 in most styles) & this one has is the only one I've found so far. As you can imagine it gets worn quite a lot. I really like the buttons & fact that it doesn't go all the way to the throat, I can look a little 'all boob' if my tops go up too high so I appreciate blouses that don't.

The shoes are again from B.A.I.T. footwear. I seriously do own non-B.A.I.T. shoes but these are my most comfortable 'Victorian lady on a hike' shoes. They aren't Victorian-ish at all but I don't know they just felt like the shoes someone would have been most likely to wear for a day like this if they were too stylish (or impractical) to wear walking boots. And I did feel an awful lot of empathy (an awe) for those Victorian ladies in full length dresses & super tight corsets who climbed mountains whilst I was trying to get up that hill wearing high heels, a (not very tight) corset & a big fluffy petticoat.
I'm not going to lie, I also felt like I was climbing a mountain. It was NOT easy, even though it was a tiny hill (like maybe 10 steps) & I had loads of support.
It was kind of embarrassing. Also exhausting. And exhilarating. And...I can't think of any more 'e' words for it. It was really fun & painful & rewarding. And I love these photos so it was also worth it.

What things do you miss doing that you can't anymore? What's your favourite thing to do in Autumn?

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Wheelchair Fashion: Autumn Smoke

I'm pretty sure I have peaked. Literally these are the best photos I will ever have, I should just retire now :) I've been wanting to take these photos for a while but I've been waiting for it to get to the right stage of late summer, early autumn so the location would be perfect. And it was literally perfect.

I knew I wanted these photos at Brimham Rocks, regardless of the fact that the area I knew these photos needed is 100% inaccessible. Ehhh, inaccessible is just a hard to spell word, nothing was going to stop me from getting these photos exactly the way I had imagined them.
I used to go to Brimham Rocks all the time when I was a kid. I probably know it better than I know Leeds City Centre, or at least I did for a long time.
I could talk for a long, long time about Brimham Rocks & honestly you'd probably get pretty bored. Let's just say that it's the perfect mix of Yorkshire moorland, woodland & easily climbable weird rock formations that makes as much fun at 5 as it does when you're older. I'm not so excited by the rocks these days (although there are a few I remember very fondly) but I do wish I could walk some of the moorland & woodland bits I remember loving pre-M.E. Some of those hold a very fond place in my heart & it was really hard being there & not getting to go on a proper walk.

This part of Brimham Rocks is right next to the car park, up an inaccessible rise through a small (& totally inaccessible) patch of trees. I think it might have been technically semi accessible if I had been in a more powerful wheelchair & the ground hadn't been slick with dew. Also if I hadn't been quite so scared of crashing. There's a pretty well walked track & it's not got too many mole holes & rocks. The problem is that it's narrow so you can't avoid the obstacles that are what would you do when you got there? You can't turn, there are tall grasses & heather on all sides. You'd have to reverse out & believe me that would have been a thing of nightmare. This just isn't something you'd do for fun.
I ended up walking the distance (maybe 10 metres...) in short bursts sitting on my wheelchair in between & having my brother carry the chair the distance (again in short bursts, the chair is pretty heavy after all). So total realism obviously.
Whatever, this is almost exactly where I had hoped to take pictures (the area I had imagined is a bit further round, so totally beyond the reach of me or my wheelchair) The area I had in mind is a little more open & I remember walking through it when I was a kid when it was all dry & golden. Every other step we'd disturb some grouse who'd make a lot of noise, fly up & then land exactly where it had been... I miss stuff like that.
This was pretty much perfect though, the rowan trees & the edges of the grass turning a little yellow with a touch of autumn & the heather being out & stuff... It would have been an awesome background even without the smoke. I have a feeling I'll be going back to try to find a slightly more accessible part to take photos in.

I'm finally going to talk about the smoke bombs. All of that talking about the location & this is going to be pretty simple. I used smoke bombs I bought on the internet.
Lol, no there's more to it than that. So whilst I was on my time out from blogging I decided I wanted to use the time to think about how to improve my blogging. I felt like I was stagnating & everything was overwhelming. I wanted to think of ways to blog without getting overwhelmed & also get more satisfaction from what I was doing. So I started planning photoshoots & outfits upto 3 months ahead (I have ideas for posts I don't even have clothes for yet) & I also wanted to improve my photography. So I bought a few photography books & I started watching photography videos on Youtube. My favourite videos are by Tony & Chelsea Northrup but they don't do a lot of fashion photography stuff so I kept searching & found Jessica Kobeissi. She obviously doesn't do the same style of photos as me but I learnt a lot by watching her videos & got a lot of ideas. The video that made the biggest impression was the one where she used Smoke Bombs (actually there are two, this is the other one, but the first one is the one that inspired me the most).
I did a WHOLE load of research, I pinned every picture I could find with smoke bombs. I watched a whole load of videos (I found this one especially helpful) & I read a whole load of posts (it was exhausting) & ended up deciding this was something I really wanted to do.

I used the Enola Gaye smoke bombs for a few reasons. Firstly they have a massive colour range (every colour of the rainbow plus black & white). Secondly they create a lot of good quality smoke.
Thirdly the dye is water based & doesn't damage the environment. Fourthly (& most importantly for me) they are apparently the safest because they are 'cool burning' & have a ring pull & don't set your surroundings on fire. They are still a form of pyrotechnic though so you have to be careful. I made my brother (who was wafting them around for me) wear heavy duty gardening gloves when he was holding them & we took a bucket of sand (actually cat litter because that's what my mum could find in ASDA) to put them in when we were finished.
I also picked a day with very little wind (less than 5 miles an hour seemed to be the best I could do) which gave the smoke the most 'hang time' which was handy because I'm no where near as good a model as the one Jessica worked with. I spent most of my time looking at the smoke & being awed by how pretty it was. And also doing weird things with my arms. I did a lot of weird things with my arms. And that doesn't include all the times I was swatting away midges. There were a lot of midges out, my mum's forehead ended up covered in bites. She kind of looked like she had measles...

I think the absolute best thing about all of this though is the dress. I saved it for this post because I think it almost looks like it's made out of smoke you know? It's such a soft fabric & the print is also so soft & in such soft colours that it just lends it's self to this kind of shoot. I know it's a summer dress but it felt kind of like it belonged in the misty world of early autumn anyway. Like this was it's destiny all along...because dresses have destinies apparently. I need to spend more time in the real world.
Anyway, rational things I love about the dress. I love the 1940's vibes & the buttons down the front (although I don't love that they ALWAYS do that weird squiggle across my boobs...I have no idea what that's about). I love the petal detail of the sleeves, the collar & the soft float-y fabric of the dress. I LOVE the chinoiserie kind of print on the fabric & the colour. Seriously the colour is everything.
The dress is available sizes XS to 4XL on Modcloth & Unique Vintage. It is microscopically more expensive on Modcloth but they are currently doing free international shipping. Swings & roundabouts.
The skirt is a lot narrower than my usual circle skirts so I wasn't certain my regular petticoats would look right under it (they didn't) so I ended up getting myself a Zoey petticoat by Malco Modes. It's a much narrower petticoat, great for wheelchair users who are worried about the bulk of a fluffier petticoat. If anyone knows where I can get a Zoey petticoat in the UK (or at least Europe) I would really appreciate it because the shipping on the Malco Modes site's a lot.
The shoes are my B.A.I.T. footwear grey Rosalinda shoes (you can kind of see them in a few photos, sorry there aren't any better pictures). Not very practical to walk through nature in but very comfortable in day to day life.

Oh & finally the necklace is this one from Buttonsy Jewellary on Etsy. I used to have all my necklaces out on a tree thing from a few Christmases ago but before I got Renata (my cat) I put them all away in a box so that I didn't come in my room one day to find her tangled up in them (I wouldn't put it past her even now they're away if I'm honest, she's sneaky). The problem with putting them away is that I kind of forget about them. I'm going to have to put a post it on my makeup mirror or something to remind me...

I'm so excited for Autumn!
There are very few things I don't like about Autumn (& all of them have to do with Bonfire Night lol) but I have to say what I'm looking forward to most is my house just being QUIET sometimes (my brothers are both still around it just feels like I have no room to breathe sometimes). I'm also looking forward to autumn leaves & foggy mornings & listening to the rain & mornings where the sunlight doesn't burn my eyes out. Oh & stews & hot chocolates & baked goods with pumpkin & apple & warm spices. And wearing a whole load of burgundy. I love wearing burgundy. And plaid. And cardigans. And boots...I wish I could still fit into boots....
Oh Autumn is so my favourite season.
What are you looking forward to about autumn?

Friday, 1 September 2017

Wheelchair Fashion: Sheerly Beachy

I know that it's now September but technically Autumn doesn't start until the 22nd so I'm hoping you'll forgive this one last Summer outfit post I'm sneaking in under the wire :)
This post is so cool, not only was it photographed in Whitby (which in itself makes it amazing for me) but it is also a collaboration with Shona Louise, a wonderful disability blogger & fellow powered wheelchair user. Also make sure to check out her GoFund Me, she's raising money for an essential new powerchair.
For this collaboration we both started out with the concept 'pastel beach' (or something like that lol) & ended up with two super cute, & very different looks, so make sure you go across to her blog & check out her look.

When I think of the beach there are really three things that come to mind, the stories my Mum tells about my Great-Grandma & Great-Grandpa going on holidays to Blackpool in the 1920s, the stories she tells about growing up in Scarbrough in the 1970s & Whitby.
So, since I've never been to Blackpool & my wheelchair doesn't do sand it had to be Whitby (there's no pier at Scarbrough). Plus you know how everyone has their favourite beach, the one that makes them REALLY feel like they are 'at the seaside' in a nostalgic way that no where else does? That's Whitby for me.
I like every part, even the ride over is pretty magic from Pickering through the North York Moors & down into Whitby....the whole experience is kind of my happy place.

It kind of isn't though.
The journey is very long, like more than 2 hrs each way, which takes a LOT out of me. Also Whitby is very hill-y, has narrow streets, is cobbled in a lot of places, is filled with inaccessible buildings & gets very crowded. So generally it's an anxiety & pain filled (very pretty) spoonie nightmare.
I always enjoy the idea of Whitby a lot more than the practicality lol. Which is why this is the first time I've been there in years.

It was kind of a blessed trip, I got to tick so many things off of my bucket list :)
Seeing the moors in a creepy Bram Stoker style mist. Tick. Being at the coast during a storm (not quite but the waves were big enough & loud enough that it totally counted). Tick. Being at the seaside at sunrise. A massive tick. And it was SO worth getting up at half past midnight to get there (I literally got up at half past midnight to start putting my makeup on & we were out of the house by half brothers were beyond not impressed.)

I feel like all I really want to talk about is the adventure that this day was, like here are the pretty clothes but let me tell you how much fun it was getting them :)

This outfit almost didn't happen, even though I'd been planning it for ages. For one I've been slimming down recently & the skirt, which I'd bought at the beginning of the summer, is now masses too big on me. For another the top (which is basically the cutest top I have ever owned) is way too small on me, despite being the biggest size 20th Century Clothing makes their tops in. The waist isn't a problem but there is no space in the chest area. I wore a sadistic torture device minimiser bra all to no avail lol. I don't think it ended up mattering in the pictures but there was freaking out going on right up to the morning of.

All in all the outfit gives me vibes of what my Great Grandma might have worn if she'd been a young woman going to Blackpool in the early 50's rather than the 20's. And if she'd had any disposable income. Ever.
Whatever, I think she'd have liked this outfit. Although I'm pretty certain she wouldn't have fit into the blouse any better than I do.

See that cloudy water? I've been wanting to do a long exposure shot like that for YEARS. That background is everything! I have to say though, it did give me empathy for the poor people in the early days of photography. This exposure was only a second-ish & it was a nightmare staying still, I ruined so many shots by either being blurry or looking like I was cut out of cardboard lol. Imagine trying to hold a perfect pose for minutes! Talk about suffering for vanity lol.

Anyway, clothes. The skirt was from collectif, the blouse is from 20th century foxy, the belt is from Pinup Girl Clothing, the camisole is from M&S and finally the shoes are from B.A.I.T. (as usual). Oh and the bag is from collectif too, also it is currently a total bargain which is always good.

This was an amazing day & a super fun collaboration. Definitely the high point of my summer. I'm so happy I am able to share both with you :)
What was the high point of your summer?

Friday, 18 August 2017

Wheelchair Fashion: A little bit of fluff

It feels super weird to be posting something as frivolous as a fashion post with all that's going on in the world right now. I wish I had words, words that would mean anything right now. But I really don't. What I have instead is pretty outfit photo.
I believe in the power of fashion blogging; I feel like taking the narrative of fashion back & showing that it is a place for everyone is really powerful. Perhaps it is an odd thing to say but I think of fashion blogging as my little bit of feminist activism, the little bit of good I do in the world that earns my place in it. It makes me feel better about how little else I am able to do.

Sitting here today it really doesn't feel like enough.

I don't know what else to say.

Perhaps all I can hope to do right now is provide a little bit of frivolousness.

Okay, these outfit photos were taken in a nearby park.
I had a whole concept of doing like a tea-party vibe & it totally didn't work :) I even had tea cups, scones....the whole nine yards. These are the only photos that ended up working out :)
It's kind of nice to have outfit photos that aren't too conceptualised...although the concept was super cute :)
This is a dress I've worn in a post already, a post already this year even, but it is SO cute! Plus it was a must after I found this brooch.
I'm usually not a big fan of vintage brooches. sacrilege I know but I find them kind of...tacky? There is just something about them that reminds me too much of the old ladies in Kirkgate Market (it means something to me & it doesn't mean anything I aspire wise at least).
I guess all the painsomnia window shopping on Etsy paid off though because I found this broach (which I totally forgot to take a good photo of, I'll make sure I put one on Instagram) & I am totally in love. It required instant outfit photos & this was the outfit I thought of. It seemed pretty perfect to me & it gave me an excuse to get the bolero which I have been lusting over but knew I didn't technically need. It made sense to me okay ^^

So the dress & bolero are both from Pinup Girl Clothing, the shoes are from B.A.I.T. footwear & the petticoat is from Oh My Honey :)

Friday, 4 August 2017

Wheelchair Vintage: Which era? Part 1

I get quite a few questions about wearing vintage in a wheelchair so I'm starting a series, 'Wheelchair Vintage' which will aim to answer some of those questions.

Vintage has been quite a journey for me. Originally it was a by-product of trying to find full/circle skirts. What I needed was quite specific, I wanted a long skirt but not maxi, I wanted more volume than I could find in midi skirt & I wanted, I wanted something quite subtle which wasn't really in style at the time. So I found vintage which is all about the kind of skirts I was wanting & it actually helped me fall back in love with clothes & my body & blogging. So thank you to lindy bop for having affordable vintage style clothing.

I'm still pretty close to a total newb in this whole vintage thing but I have gotten a lot better at styling & also knowing what works best on my weird, plus size, wheelchair using body. So, inspired by a post that Jacqueline did on her blog salamistinkt (it was about skirt shapes in wheelchair) I am starting with a post of what eras/styles of 'vintage' work best in a wheelchair....or at least on my wheelchair using body.


So I'm starting in the 1930s. 1930s are a period that I have a love hate relationship with. I love the clothes but they don't love me lol.
Fashion in the 1930s was very feminine, quite modest, quite plain & honestly very different to the 1920s (I'm actually not a fan of the 1920s, my boobs are too big for that period of fashion). There were lots of almost pencil skirts. Not modern pencil skirts, more like a tighter, straighter, longer and more tailored version of the skirts from the 1920s. The skirts often had kick pleats & these skirt were balanced by outfits having a lot of volume at the top. whether in larger sleeves, blouse-y tops or furs.

So how does it wear on me?

Well, honestly, not that well. The fullest possible 1930s style skirt is not that full, I really had to search to find this dress (the heart of haute Manhattan dress btw). Without a lot of fullness in my skirt my stomach is way too visible for my liking. I am kind of awkward & lumpy looking & I wear a corset to help me have the shape I used to have the vintage silhouette & 30s style clothes show where the fat sticks out at the end of my corset, plus all my other weird lumps. Also the detailing on the shoulders makes my already large shoulders look like I'm padded up to play american football. Don't get me wrong this is actually one of my favourite dresses & I wear it often but, on me, it photographs terribly. I mean I took loads of photos & I basically only got this one & I had to get out of my chair to do it.

How does it wear in wheelchair?

There are lots of factors to this but I'm going to say not great. If you can find 30s style clothes more like this I would say pretty good. Depending on your bodyshape 30s can be a great style for you but it won't take you long to run out of 30s style clothes with the fuller skirt. When that happens pencil skirts are your next best bet & they are much harder to wear in a chair for mobility, comfort & them just fitting the way they are supposed to. Plus true vintage is hard to find & super expensive.

I'm giving it a 2/5

My look:

Dress: Heart of Haute
Gloves: Vintage

Places to look for clothes:

Top Vintage: 30's era
20th Century Foxy: 30's era
Unique Vintage: 30's era
Emmy Design: 30's era


I'm so happy for this one. Clothes that don't hate my body lol.
1940's fashion is, amazingly enough, very much split by the war. In Britain clothing rationing continued until 1949 (apparently only ending because of the distribution of forged clothing coupons) so the clothes here didn't really change much after the war, although obviously after the war Chanel's New Look debuted.
There was also a massive separation between European fashion in the 1940s & American fashion in the 1940s. America in the 1940s is pinup & wartime but there weren't the same limited resources there were in the rest of the world (there was more fabric, it was possible to buy proper stockings & makeup was more readily available) so a lot of what we think of as 1940s fashion is American 1940's fashion.

How does it wear on me?

I'm plus size & that wouldn't have been exactly the norm in the 1940s & there is an element to which I feel like I don't look particularly 1940s just because of that. The clothes in the 1940s are also very plain & simple, the fabrics are soft & the skirts don't have a lot of volume. This makes it both forgiving & not forgiving. It softens me & is subtlety feminine (it would make awesome work wear) but it also has a tendency to cling slightly & make me feel conscious that I look lumpy & large.
Quite honestly though, having grown up watching the Chronicles of Narnia tv series (my brother & I borrowed the VHS of those from blockbusters every time we went, gosh that sentence made me feel OLD) it would take a lot to dissuade me from wearing 1940s style clothes.

How does it wear in a wheelchair?

As I said, the skirts in 1940s clothes don't always have a lot of volume & even the reproduction stuff tends to be made of quite soft fabrics so I would recommend a slip or a very thin petticoat under the skirts to stop them dipping between your legs but honestly I think this is a win. I know a lot of wheelchair users find the fuller, 1950's style skirts that I prefer too big & honestly they can be, especially if you have a manual chair. The 1940s style skirts strike a good balance, they are narrower but not so narrow that it makes movement difficult.
I also think that the 1940s are a good place to start a vintage wardrobe. A lot of the pieces are basics & can cross over into other eras & it's also an era that doesn't look 'too vintage' you know? A shirt dress looks vintage or not depending on how you wear it but a poodle skirt is always going to be a poodle skirt you know?

I'm giving it a 4.5/5

My outfit:

Hat: Etsy
Gloves: Vintage
Blouse: Collectif Clothing
Skirt: 20th Century Foxy
Shoes: B.A.I.T. Footwear

Some places to look for clothes:

Unique Vintage: 40's era
20th Century Foxy: 40's era
Top Vintage: 40's era
Emmy Design: 40's era
Miss Candyfloss

My other 40's looks:

Autumn Pinup, more the top than the skirt but I think it counts
Hurricane Plaid


So the 1950's was a big era, fashion wise. There are so so many kinds of fashion from the 50's, it's kind of the era when fashion started to boom (I know people credit that to the 60's but I call bull). Anyway, so 50's gives vintage lovers a lot of scope so look out for part two, there'll be more 50's stuff in that one. So, this is new look-ish 1950's. New look style fashion is iconic for the full skirts & tailored, almost peplum jackets, The tailoring look transitioned into clothes that were not suits much like this dress.
Unsurprisingly the 1950's in Britain were much more subdued, fabric was still hard to come by & most people had very little disposable income, so skirts were narrower & petticoats less voluminous.

How does it wear on me?

50's fashion, in all it's forms, is designed for a woman with a more ample figure, ample for the times at least (you wouldn't believe how much vintage 50's clothing has a 24 inch waist...that's about the size of my thigh....). This means that the repro clothing I wear lends it's self to my very ample figure much better than some other styles. I also find that petticoats make outfits easier to photograph as the skirts don't dip between my legs & the volume gives the feel of movement that sitting down takes away from me. I also like that this style of 50's gives me back my hourglass silhouette, all in all 50's works for me.

How does it work in a wheelchair?

Honestly, it depends on your wheelchair. If you use a manual chair I would say badly. Petticoats are key to this kind of 1950's silhouette & they can be very bulky in a wheelchair (I can not count the number of times I've had petticoat caught in my chair or bunching weirdly). For me it works & I like how dressy they make me feel but I know that they can get to be a touch impractical. There are a few options like getting a smaller petticoat (I have the Zooey petticoat from Malco Modes & I really like it) or stiffened underskirts like this one from pinup girl clothing.
In a powerchair or on a mobility scooter 1950's clothes are still bulky but less of a problem as they won't get in your way as much, whilst a skirt could get stuck in the wheels of a manual chair it's unlikely that it's going to get stuck in anything important on a powerchair. 1950's clothes aren't great for transferring to the chair, just because there can be some rearranging needed in order to get the skirt & petticoat settled & that can be tricky to do on your own &/or annoying if you have to do it a couple of times a day.

I'm giving it a 3.5/5


Hat: Etsy
Sunglasses: Collectif Clothing
Dress: Collectif Clothing
Gloves: Vintage
Shoes: B.A.I.T. Footwear

Places to look for clothes:

Unique Vintage: 50's era
20th Century Foxy: 50's era
Top Vintage: 50's era
Emmydesign: 50's era

My other 50's looks:

Watercolour Roses
Lilac Snowdrops: Let's call this 50's, it's kind of 1958-1962-ish... so I guess it counts.

There will be a part 2 to this post so if you have any suggestions or styles you would like to see please let me know :)

Friday, 21 July 2017

Wheelchair Fashion: It's 5 o'Clock Somewehere

It's kind of amazing to be back at my laptop writing a post. I didn't realise how intensely I would miss this. Blogging is my escape in so many ways, it introduced me to a community & a group of friends who mean the world to me, it gives me permission to spend too much money on my self, it gives me an opportunity to set goals I can achieve & space to keep growing & developing, it allows me to escape into the fantasy my photos create & it also means that I physically escape my house. Seriously, I pretty much don't leave my house when I'm not taking outfit photos.

For all that, it was kind of nice to get a little space. I was getting behind on my blogging & it wasn't leaving me any room to think about the fun parts of it. I would seriously get to the point where my blogging routine was "I need to get a post done for tomorrow" so I'd come up with an outfit as I was getting dressed, take photos, edit them, write a post as fast as possible, post it & spend most of the time in between in bed. It wasn't good for my health & honestly it wasn't that fun.
Which is why I needed a break. Re-think, re-assess & then re-engage. Hopefully even better than before :)

So this dress is the one my little brother got me for my birthday. He over heard me telling my mum how much I loved it but that I didn't want to spend any more money on clothes till autumn & instantly offered to buy it for me (it's moments like that which I use to remind myself that he's my brother & I love him when he is running up & down stairs slamming every door he encounters for no reason absolutely lol).
I wouldn't have let him buy it if it had been as expensive as some of my emergency fund dresses but it's from Lady V Vintage & their dresses are around £45-£60. I think this one was £45-£50 but it's totally out of stock so I can't check. I'd still recommend having a look at their stuff, their prints can be really fun, the styles are really nice & they go up to a size 32.
The petticoat is my first one in a colour & I love it so much! It's from Oh My Honey & it's so pretty & floofy, I need like 8 more. Seriously though the coloured petticoat makes such a difference, even though it's over flowing my skirt everywhere it makes me feel really pulled together. Just like the women you see in picture of the 50's where their hat & shoes & belt match & go with their outfit perfectly. Plus it's all pretty & lavender coloured.

My whole concept for this shoot was, does it sound pretentious when I say 'shoot' or 'photoshoot' to describe what I do because I really don't mean it to. The way I like to take outfit photos is starting to feel a lot like a photo shoot & it's just the word that comes most naturally...
Anyway, the concept for the shoot was all focused around the dress which I think is a perfect garden party dress you know? Sexy, structured, formal & daytime all at once is garden party or wedding to me, at least in my brain. I found these box hedges last time I was at Temple Newsam & I knew I wanted to take photos there so it kind of all came together pretty quickly, apart from the part where I had to take photos twice because the first time the dress wouldn't stay closed over my boobs. I've always had had bigger boobs but things are expanding or whatever & I'm now keeping outfits together with a will & a a lot of safety pins & double sided sticky tape.
The glamorous behind the scenes of fashion lmao.

Cheers :)

P.S. How cool is this vintage champagne saucer? My mum had 12 of them in a cupboard & hadn't used them in ages. Some fizzy peach juice & some cheap maraschino cherries on a cocktail stick & it totally looks like something people drank at garden parties in the 50's. At least I think so.

Friday, 19 May 2017

Wheelchair Fashion: Dappled Florals

I've always liked the end of spring/beginning of summer: it doesn't usually start to get warm in Yorkshire until this time of year, the lilacs & bluebells are finally out & my birthday is at the beginning of June. You know I can't remember it ever raining on my birthday, when I was a little kid I thought it was because I'd been really good all year & I still kind of feel like it's at least a little to do with me lol.
Obviously this time of year is also exam season in the UK so for 4 or 5 years before I had to stop going to school I was kind of stuck indoors during this time of year. It still feels very luxurious being out this time of year, like this one time I skipped class in the middle of my GCSE exams & sat in a park with friends eating ice-cream instead. It was pretty incredible, I think I'd done 12 exams that week it felt so incredible just to relax & not to think about tests for a while.

I don't do exams anymore but I still don't get out that much, the joys of M.E. lol.
It's always wonderful when I do though. It's usually the first outfit photos of the year where I'm properly warm (you wouldn't believe how many outfit photos a year I take whilst freezing cold), the light is always super pretty (which makes taking photos much easier) & it's generally just so beautiful everywhere that it's a joy to be out of the house, especially after a long winter. Yes, all my thoughts are about outfit photos but seriously without the outfit photos I would never get out.
For the past few years I have really wanted to do outfit photos near lilacs but lilacs are surprisingly hard to find. Surprisingly because there seems to be a bush in every garden you see....but not in parks or formal gardens. I guess lilac bushes were considered déclassé when they were planted or something but they are nearly impossible to find. Finally I found some in Golden Acre Park (quickly becoming my new favourite place to take outfit pictures) although I had quite an adventure getting to them.

I don't know golden acre park very well so just finding the lilacs was tricky (they are tucked in behind the cafe near the staff car was confusing) & they are then up a not very wheelchair accessible lip? The edge of the path, which is all grass, has one of those kerb thing like on a pavement or something & it is seriously hard to get on or off in a wheelchair. On involved getting out of the chair & my mum lifting it over the kerb & off involved closing my eyes & trying not to squeal as I went over the edge unexpectedly whilst I was trying to find a shallower part of the lip lol.
Totally worth it; the lilacs were beautiful, it was a nice quiet area to take photos & I was able to realise an ambition. And realise it with style, these photos are stunning. I don't even feel like I'm looking at myself.
It's hard to believe that my mum & I took these photos ourselves, they remind me of photos I've seen of Miss Victory Violet & Idda van Munster....although their photos are much MUCH better. I still feel like I've unlocked some kind of secret blogger achievement. I think this one is called 'wheelchair's next top model?'. What do you think? lol.

Outfit talk time. The only place I could find the dress is on Unique Vintage where I got it. It is on sale but it's also only available in a 4XL....which was handy for me because that's my size :) It's a Bernie Dexter Paris dress like the 'summer dress' (not the official name) I had last year. I love the Bernie Dexter Paris dress shape but they are expensive, similar to a Pinup Girl Clothing jenny dress but the skirt isn't as long or as full so it can be slightly hard to justify. Moreover the place I buy them from (Unique Vintage) doesn't have my favourite international shipping. It just takes such a long time......often by the time it arrives I've forgotten I ordered it. Not really ideal I have to say.
Anyway, for this reason & a few others I don't buy a lot of Bernie Dexter dresses so I didn't get this one last year even though I couldn't stop looking at it. However this year I saw it on sale with only my size left & I kind of felt like it was fate. I actually think I like it more than the summer dress I got last year!
The shrug is from Collectif Clothing. It was a little pricey (£32.50, sizes XS-XXL) but I thought it would be a great staple for wearing with summer dresses & it totally is. It is super soft, stretchy, warm but not too warm & really comfortable. I don't know if anyone else has ever had this but I have always found that this kind of bolero/shrug type thing always digs into my neck & curls up all over the place & is generally a nuisance. This was actually amazing. It didn't dig in, it wasn't uncomfortable & it was generally wonderful. 100% recommend.

The petticoat is my regular white petticoat, I would love to get a more colourful petticoat but I can't decide which colour to get. If you have any ideas I'd love to hear them, I really need advice :)
Make sure to check out my Instagram I have loads of other pictures that I'll be sharing :)

Friday, 28 April 2017

Casual Wheelchair Fashion: A How To

A while ago I kind of bumped into a convo @Ixzianna & @mindmagicnatter were having on twitter. They were talking about how hard it is to look as fabulous as you want to in a wheelchair.
I have always thought that sitting down is the main problem, sitting is crazy unflattering because clothes are designed to be stood in. Most of the time wheelchair users don't sit ramrod straight in their chairs (for all kinds of reasons, I sit like that because it's less exhausting) which exacerbates all the problems of sitting. You can be the most stunning person in the world but still look disproportionate when sat awkwardly. So what clothes can you wear to combat the problem?

When I went into this post I thought I was going to write a 'do this, don't do that' like the hundreds of articles we've all seen on 'how to dress for your shape'. My understanding of clothes & how to dress my body comes from a thousand Gok Wan re-runs talking about bodies as apples and pears and hourglasses like something out of Alice in Wonderland. This stuff worked for me as a teenager (in the days before my chair), it built me back up from a shy, uncomfortable teenager who'd been told too often that she was fat & that her clothes were ugly into someone who was able to wear clothes as armour.
The problem is this stuff doesn't work for wheelchair users. It's not just a matter of "apples, pears, hourglasses and, oh yes, those on wheels". There's guidelines I guess, "don't wear a huge flowy satin ball gown" being one of them (satin is shiny & makes it hard not to slip off the chair & all that fabric is bound to get caught in your wheels) but I'm pretty sure there is no-one who wears huge flowy satin ball gowns for casual anyway...

I think my main problem is that these are my 'casual clothes', this is what I wear when I'm not all dressed up (& I usually only get properly dressed two or three times a month). I used to wear casual clothes, one of the things I aimed to achieve in the early days of my M.E. was getting dressed every day, but it has been a lot of years & even more flares since then. I don't even change my pjs every day anymore. I've gone back through my old posts & tagged all my casual outfits so you can find them easily but as you can see, it's been a while.

The best advice I can give you can be simplified into 4 tips:

Buy from places you can return things to easily
I get most of my clothes online (for so many reasons) & I have totally learnt this the hard way, mostly ordering clothes from America that would have cost more to send back than I would have got in the refund. I call it a learning moment (although it doesn't seem to teach me not to do it again) but it can be quite well as making your bank balance angry with you lol. Even trying things on in the shop isn't an exact science so I always like to be able to return things.

Get your clothes altered (if necessary) 
Everyone has their own personal bugbears with how clothes made for 'regular' people don't fit right (mine is skirt lengths) & most of these can be fixed. Where I live there are loads of shops that just do alterations on clothes & I think there are even places online. If you explain what you want doing they are usually more than happy to help.

Accessorise, accessorise, accessorise!
However carefully you pick clothes they aren't necessarily going to look quite right in a wheelchair. There's not much you can do about it....except accessorising. You can't imagine how many outfits I have saved by adding a belt or a super cute necklace.

Most importantly...
Follow as many wheelchair users who post ootd/full body selfies as possible
Wheelchair user are massively under-represented so it can be hard to see yourself. I get a lot of my outfit inspiration from outfits I see other people wearing & it's much easier to come up with outfits that work in a wheelchair if you see outfits that work in a wheelchair. Does that make sense?

The best thing I can do now is introduce you to some wheelchair users with AMAZING fashion sense.

Let me introduce you to Cat. I think I first came across Cat back in my Tumblr days, before I even had a proper blog. It wasn't until I started following her on Instagram however that I realised how much I adore her style. Like I knew but I didn't KNOW.
I think part of the reason I love her style so much is that it reminds me of my black clothes years. I don't wear black much anymore (I don't like it much & I feel like it kind of merges me back into my chair) but I used to be a total emo/goth/scene-girl teenager. I was never as cool as I thought though & definitely not as cool as Cat Sierra.
So, in my opinion the things that make Cat Sierra's style work so well in a wheelchair is that she keeps all the 'bulk' up top (also her awesome taste in jackets). Please keep in mind that I am not a fashion expert so when I give an analysis I have no idea what I'm talking about but I think one of the important things in a wheelchair is that if you are going to have volume in your outfit, have it on the top OR the bottom, not both.
I also think that Cat makes the all black theme work, it looks super chic  it gives a look know that 'fashion rule' where you are supposed to wear the same colour of shoes as your tights? I feel like all black fashion is like the ultimate expansion of that, although the pops of colour are the coolest part of it for me, there is nothing quite as cool as a monochrome look with something bright & cool & chic like the jackets in these pictures.
These are the links to Cat's twitter, instagram, her etsy shop (where she sells really cool enamel pins) & to her GoFundMe where she is raising money for a foldable powerchair. Go follow her :)

My next introduction is Robyn Lambird. I also first came across Robyn in my Tumblr days but she's even cooler now than she was back then. Wheelchair athlete, style icon & disability activist there seriously seems to be no end to the awesomeness of Robyn Lambird. I'm focusing on her style though & seriously it is so cool. I'm pretty certain I have never been this cool and it's hard to narrow down exactly why her style is so cool. Part of it is the effortlessness, part of it is the cool androgonous...ness? of it & part of it is that it always looks like really cool active-wear street style.
Mostly though it's the fact that her style is everything I am scared to wear in a wheelchair.
I guess everyone has their fashion fears & mine is this cool, effortless, relaxed look. I place so many rules on my style because I'm terrified that I'm going to look like a sack of shit with a string tied around the middle (mostly because I do, seriously the reason I wear high waisted skirts is that underneath them it looks like I shoved a very large, very sad, bean bag under my top). It's totally a wheelchair based fashion fear, I was much more casual before I became a wheelchair user & I actually didn't wear that many skirts (pretty much just this really cool tiered tulle mini skirt from H&M that I adored, it was purple & it drove the head of my 6th form crazy) but the wheelchair changes things & it lead to me accessing a very different part of my style :) Seeing wheelchair users dressed like this makes me so happy.
So what makes her style work so well? Well Robyn's signature look is actually a wheelchair user standby - baggy tops & tighter bottoms with comfortable shoes. The thing that makes her look so special is that she injects so much personality into it; there is nothing shy about the way she dresses & that's good! It's interesting, Robyn rarely wears colours that are especially in your face or even very bold patterns but the way she puts things together impels you to be aware of her. Part of it is the clothes but I would say that part of it is 'The Beyonce Factor', just simply being awesome & knowing it. Not exactly helpful I know.
Another part of what makes Robyn's style work so well is that she breaks all kinds of 'rules'. I mean if anyone was going to write a set of Rules for wheelchair fashion I'm pretty sure one of the big ones would say no short skirts, especially not without tight/leggings. But as Robyn proves in the first picture, it's not so much what you are wearing as how you wear it.
You can find Robyn on her Youtube, InstagramTwitter & Tumblr. I totally recommend following her on as many of these as possible :)

This is mermaiddisguised. A while ago I was looking for other wheelchair users who did fashion &/or beauty blogging (I was feeling kind of like the odd one out) & I ended up coming across Beth. Just knowing Beth was out there made me feel more confident as a blogger, I wasn't alone anymore & I would credit it with a lot of the braver things I have done as a blogger.
Representation in action :)
Beth doesn't post quite as many outfit posts as some of the others but I love her style, it is the perfect combo of comfortable & cute. It's kind of my approach to casual fashion- simple-ish, classy clothes, loose tops, tight bottoms & comfortable shoes - but much MUCH cuter :) It's weird, because this is so close to what I would choose to wear it is hard for me to break it down....
The reason I wear my clothes baggy on top & tighter on the bottom is that I carry my weight in my stomach & butt so that when I gained all my I'm-comfort-eating-retaining-water-and-not-moving-that-much weight it was easy to hide with baggy tops (or high waisted skirts). It's a pretty good look even if you don't have any extra weight to mask because it tends to sit pretty well in a wheelchair.
Why Beth in particular? I don't know really...there is an element of that kind of ineffable Parisian Chic-ness to it - simple pieces worn in interesting & appealing ways. About the most helpful thing I could possibly have said huh? I guess that's just my jam today :)
Her hair is also always really cute which totally helps (a good hair cut can make a big difference).
You also totally have to check out her blog it's a lot of fun & a good read. You can also find her on instagram, twitter & facebook.

Finally Sitting_Pretty. I love Rebekah, she is the person I want to be when I grow up (possibly merged with Bianca Del Rio and Marlene Dietrich...which would also be the coolest, most badass kind of Manticore ever). One of the things I lost through my M.E. was my voice, not my physical voice but my writing voice. I was never going to write the next best seller or the next prize winning piece of investigative journalism but I wrote really good essays & it is this skill that I miss the most, more than walking. reading & getting dressed by myself. I lost the voice my brain spoke in & it feels weird every day. Partly that is why I love Rebekah's feed so much, for every single selfie she posts there is a wonderfully crafted pocket memoir, essay...I don't know what to call it, a wonderful piece of writing that blurs the lines between poetry & simple exposition.
Don't get me wrong though, Rebekah's style is also super cool. It's got that great ModCloth geek t-shirt vibe (if that makes any sense to anyone but me). This is yet another style that I ADORE but would never wear - mostly because these cool geeky t-shirts usually come in high neck styles that make me look 90% boob &/or they don't come in big enough sizes to get past my the sad beanbag that is my stomach would be way too visible. However there is something really cool about wearing something as simple as a t-shirt & making it look put together & pretty. Plus there is nothing better than a really cool geek-y t-shirt.
Whilst it is really simple (& I'm sure Rebekah didn't spend an hour putting her looks together) there are a few little tricks being employed her that make it work especially well.
First, the t-shirts are over-sized. This is subtle, 'womens' fit t-shirts are usually designed to be worn skin tight but these are maybe a size bigger than that, possibly two? Perfect sizing because it sits better in the chair & honestly it's also a lot comfier than form fitting clothes.
Second, she tends to pair them with tighter bottoms. Yes I have gone on about this one a bit, it's not a required wheelchair user fashion thing but it really does look good & makes putting together outfits easier.
Finally, she carries it all with confidence. Rebekah always seems to be ready to take on the world & honestly she could wear one of those big yellow IKEA bags & she would still look amazing because she presents as being so confident.
Find Rebekah on her instagram, on her website & on many guest posts around the web.

To sum up: 
Wheelchair fashion, much like all fashion, is subjective. It depends on your tastes, your body shape & your personality (as well as how forgiving your bank balance is). As with many things in life there are no hard and fast rules, what you like & you feel good in is going to work better than anything I recommend.
However what I have gleaned from looking at many MANY wheelchair users' ootds is as follows:

  • Cute hair styles help, as does liberal application of hair dye
  • Larger tops & tighter bottoms (in a clothing sense, my mum has a dirty mind & made this sentence seem gross)
  • Dress for you, people who say crap things are saying more about them than they are about you
It can be hard being confident in who you are & what you are wearing, especially when so many people feel they need to talk shit. My Grandma (mum's mum) is a total bitch about this, she's been telling me I'm too fat for as long as I can remember & it got even worse after I got sick & started using the wheelchair, she has said some truly unforgivable things. Her words really used to chip away at my confidence & self esteem making me feel disgusting.
I would say it wasn't until I started doing outfit posts that I managed to develop some confidence in myself & my body & I would totally recommend it to anyone, wheelchair user or not, who is not feeling body/style confident. The internet is not a 100% positive place but it does contain a lot of wonderful, supportive people & there is very little better than the friends you can make online & the support they can offer.

Other people to follow:

Erin Clark: Instagram Website Twitter
Ruby Allegra: Instagram Twitter (I wish I had known about Ruby when I started this post because I 100% would have included her, she's amazing!)
Elianne Speksnijder: Instagram Youtube Twitter Facebook
Claire Freeman: Instagram 
Rachel Marie: Instagram Blog 
Michelle Roger: Instagram Blog Twitter Youtube
Jacqueline van Kuilenburg: Instagram Blog Twitter Facebook
Jillian Mercado: Instagram Tumblr Twitter Youtube

The wheelchairfashion hastag on instagram (which has grown so much since I first used it, it used to be like two or 3 people & a lot of disability aids, now there are so many people using it it is amazing).

P.S. the top in the first image is from Scarlett & Jo.