Friday, 27 February 2015

Wheelchair Fashion: Tea & BBQ

I was so excited for spring....right up until I remembered that meant that I probably wasn't going to be wearing some of my darker coloured clothes for a few months. Suddenly I was all nostalgic for burgundies & navies & a whole but load of black (although I don't wear that much black...).

So when my brother dragged us clothes shopping (he bought 4 plain t-shirts) I ended up putting on this outfit.

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Friday, 20 February 2015

Wheelchair Fashion: Tattooed Countrygirl

This half term is kicking my ASS! On Sunday I had a whole day of powerchair football & there were only four players there from my team most of the time so I had to play the whole time. Since I'm the oldest on my team I do a lot of the organising (a.k.a. I sit in defence & shout at the kids in attack to remind them what they are doing & what the rules are).......all in all it was a crazy draining day, even before I include the yellow card I got.
Then it was half term & my foster brother has been there 24/7 which is a lot more tiring than I remembered, I think because my brother isn't home to take up any of the slack.

Anyway, outfit photos. This is the outfit I wore to get my new tattoo done,

Monday, 16 February 2015

Tattoo Mini Series: Chronically Ill & Tattooed

I'm not 100% on how to go about writing this post.

There are so many misconceptions about getting tattoos & the tattoo process that I want to dispel & things I need to talk about regarding M.E. & getting tattooed that it seems like this post is going to be very dense & crowded & that's not at all what I want.

I think I'm going to start with the process of getting tattooed...

Firstly (& most importantly) you need to find an artist with a style you like that does that kind of work you are thinking of getting done. This part took me YEARS but instagram definitely makes it simpler for spoonies than it could be (I wouldn't like to have to physically go to shops to look through an artists portfolio).

There are almost as many styles of tattoo as there are artists - old school, new school, Chinese, tribal, painterly, water colour, photo realism, line work, black & grey, dot work.... - so it can be overwhelming trying to search for artists.

Friday, 13 February 2015

Everyday Fashion: Roses are grey, Snowflakes are blue

I feel like a genius for coming up with this name ^^ I am such a dork.

I had totally forgotten that valentines day was coming up (it's not really a big deal in my world) so it is a total coincidence that this outfit is kind of valentines-y. It's a great look to rock though if you have casual plans for valentines day....or any other day for that matter, and look no stripes ^^

Friday, 6 February 2015

Wheelchair Fashion: Frozen 60s

I hadn't realised until I started editing these pictures how many of my outfits recently have included stripes, my next outfit will either be all stripes or no stripes ^^

Tuesday I looked out of my window & saw bright sunshine & thought 'oh good, the weather is picking up' so out came my most 'spring is about to spring' outfit (a.k.a. a light weight jumper, no layers & no coat) & got my mum to load up the car....

That is ice all around the water spout btw, it may have been sunny but the weather had not picked up & it was NOT as warm as it looked.
Lets just say I was out taking photos for less time than it had taken me to get my shoes on & A LOT less time than it had taken me to put my makeup on ^^

In my head this is kind of a 60s fashion meets Parisian meets modern nautical-ish spring fashion...making it a very convoluted vision for such a simple 'I wish it was spring already' outfit.

I am so ready for spring. I am over jumpers & layers & cold weather & super ready for pretty summer dresses, spring flowers & warm sunny days with just a touch of a breeze....only one of which is really a part of a Yorkshire spring lmao.

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

My Weirdest M.E. Symptoms

On Sunday as I sat in near total darkness, with my sunglasses on eating my tea with my hands I started to think how utterly ridiculous some of my symptoms are; how funny, embarrassing or just plain weird the things my body does when it gets tired really are.
And then I realised that I've never heard anyone else talk about some of the symptoms I have. It could be that they are unique to me - everyone's body reacts differently after all - or it could be that there are other people out there with some, or all, of these symptoms & that this post will help them.
Either way it is supposed to be kind of funny so feel free to laugh, I do ^^

So in no particular order....


Dropping Everything

I don't know if this counts as a weird symptom so much as a super frustrating one but yeah, recently I have been dropping EVERYTHING, I am so lucky that my phone seems to be invincible because it should be very broken by now.

Excessive Frustration

When I get very tired the tiniest things can make me insanely frustrated. I can go from 0 to wanting to scream & cry & break something because there's nothing worth watching on TV or because a blog post I has finished has vanished (that one's not totally irrational but nearly).


Not Being Able to put Images To Words

Friday, 30 January 2015

Everyday Fashion: Accidental Fashionista

The weather has been seriously conspiring against my efforts to blog. First it snowed - which could have been good except it melted really quickly into a grey slush - then it rained & now it is unendingly cold & grey & miserable.
Add to that a schedule (not mine) that has made going to town (where most of my in door photos are taken) impossible & you will end up with a very frustrated blogger.

These pictures were taken on Tuesday after I got back from yet another fruitless photo taking mission. I'd had to remove my belt (my abdomen was screaming at me) & I was at my new desk working out some of my frustration playing with mixed media (my new obsession).

Tuesday, 20 January 2015


Hi everyone. I had totally not planned to do a post today, I hadn't even planned to be on my laptop today. I thought that after a TEN hour day & an unbelievable amount of Powerchair football game time on Sunday I would still be too tired to do pretty much anything....but I am basically back to normal. It is so weird how M.E. reacts to things.
(We won 3 out of 4 matches btw, 7-0, 1-3, 3-1 & 2-0.)

The title page of my project life scrapbook: the instagram photo from New Years Eve & a few project life cards. This page is all warped because I was trying to glue things using PVA glue which warps as it drys...

Anyway, this post is about my new found love, scrapbooking. I discovered scrapbooking on - I think - the 29th of December during one of the many trips my family made this Christmas holidays to Hobbycraft (my brother is doing a prop making degree & supplies bought by Mum are free lol).
I've known about scrapbooking in a vague kind of way for years but it always felt like a kind of American, Suzie home maker type of hobby & not something for me. I'm not sure why though because it combines my two creative skills - photography & collage - & my eternal desire to write a diary. I have always wanted to write a diary but I usually get bored really quickly, or I forget to or I just stop enjoying. Having it be a scrapbook makes it less easy to get bored because there are so many components to it. Plus it is actually interesting to look back through.

This is actually my first spread & I hadn't really gotten used to taking photos for project life yet so I didn't have enough photos of the day to fill the spread, as you can tell by the number of pictures there are of me

Friday, 16 January 2015

Everyday Fashion

This coming Sunday, so two days after this post goes live, I have a HUGE Powerchair football tournament. I've been trying to rest ever since football finished last Saturday, I had it all carefully planned. If I took outfit photos on Monday, saved up all this weeks scrapbooking to do at the end of the week so I really, really rested & didn't do training on Saturday I would probably be able to manage it. Especially if I rested all of the following week.
So on Monday morning, with my 'high fashion' outfit all prepared I look out of the window & realise that the weather is AWFUL, not that this stopped me. Ask my mum, I went out & really tried but I guess there is a point at which it is too cold, too wet & too windy to take good photos.
So this is what I wore on Tuesday ^^

Friday, 9 January 2015

Wheelchair Fashion: Rose Gold Lense Flare

I had a super clever opening line planned for this post & I have totally forgotten it....and my brain is refusing to come up with a witty name for this post, I have no idea what this one is supposed to mean....(way to give away all my blogging secrets lol).
I got this jumper in the ASOS sales because it reminded me of a jumper I got 5, maybe 6 years ago that I wore until it literally unravelled at the seams. This one isn't quite as gorgeous - that one was a maroon meets cranberry colour & had 3/4 length sleeves - but it is nice peach-y cream colour that's going to work in my wardrobe all year round.