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Friday 20 February 2015

Wheelchair Fashion: Tattooed Countrygirl

This half term is kicking my ASS! On Sunday I had a whole day of powerchair football & there were only four players there from my team most of the time so I had to play the whole time. Since I'm the oldest on my team I do a lot of the organising (a.k.a. I sit in defence & shout at the kids in attack to remind them what they are doing & what the rules are).......all in all it was a crazy draining day, even before I include the yellow card I got.
Then it was half term & my foster brother has been there 24/7 which is a lot more tiring than I remembered, I think because my brother isn't home to take up any of the slack.

Anyway, outfit photos. This is the outfit I wore to get my new tattoo done, if you look closely at the photos you may be able to see the tiny amount of blue ink that is still staining my sleeve (don't wear white to a water colour tattoo guys, it will not end well ^^).
Anyway I decided to recreate the outfit because I was so happy with it the first time. This time I wore it to Harlow Carr gardens near Harrogate on what was supposed to be a sunny day but wound up being cold & grey, until I was half way home lol.
It seems the grey weather messed up the colour in all of my photos (that & leaving the camera on JPEG instead of RAW #cameranerdproblems). So anyway the skirt looks all red when it is actually burgundy purple, as you will see in these outfit photos (weirdly also taken at Harlow Carr....), although my hair is kind of red-ish at the moment....the colour it is in the picture.

Other than the shirt, all the items are pieces you have seen before; the skirt was from Modcloth, the boots are from RedorDead, the necklace - which you can't see is the same one as in the last post & the new shirt is from the fatface sale so is probably no longer available.....

I'm pretty sure I've bored you enough now so I'm going to leave you with this picture from when I was at Harlow Carr & the question, do I talk about powerchair football too much? I'm worried sometimes that I might be boring you guys.....


  1. Your outfit looks lovely, I especially like the growing collection of tattoos. They are so pretty.

    The snowdrops in the background of your outfit pictures look very seasonal, nice to think Spring is on the way!

    1. Aww thank you ^^
      I was so happy when I saw the snow drops out, they are like my favourite part of late winter/early spring ^^

      Sally xx


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