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Sunday 20 April 2014

Sunday Post: Muppets, Perfume & Midi Skirts

Happy Easter. How nice was the weather this week?
I got to go out quite a bit this week, despite my wheelchair being in for repairs/diagnostics....I went out to take the outfit photos, I went to see Muppets Most Wanted & I went to the park to see the cherry blossom. Plus I have been internet stalking a skirt & my Easter present had nothing to do with Chocolate.
Erm, starting with the Muppets movie...
I am a huge Muppets movie junkie, I was raised on them, and this one was definitely in the top 4 feature length films they've done, top 5 films full stop...if you count the Christmas special they did with the Sesame Street characters & fraggle rock - not that anyone but my family does, most people have never even heard of it. My current order is:
  1. Christmas Special with Sesame Street, Fraggle Rock & Fozzie's Mum
  2. Muppets Treasure Island
  3. Muppets Most Wanted
  4. Muppets from Space (very close second.....basically tied)
  5. Muppets Christmas Carol (still the best adaptation of that story....)
So, it's a good film. I don't want to spoil anything for you but, seriously, when you've finished watching it look it up on imdb. The number of actors who cameo for SECONDS is crazy. But also really cool. Lets just say that the person who came up with this was really, really messed up. It is unbelievably silly. This is a muppets film you have to see. The only thing that was really disappointing was the very tiny amounts of Rizzo & Pepe the King Prawn who are two of my favourite Muppets (baring Miss Piggy of course).

Anyway, moving on (before this entire post becomes about the Muppets - cool post though that would be).

I finally got one of the solid perfumes from Le Soft Perfume (it's my Easter present, much better for me than chocolate). I got the Nemamiah scent - yeah I can't say it either - which has THE most stunning fruit-y grown up scent. Fruit-y/musky perfumes are some of my favourites so I knew I would like this. The closest scent I have to it is the Marc Jacobs Dot Perfume but that is less obviously fruity...this has citrusy top notes (lemon, mandarin, orange) but they are instantly followed by the mid notes which are very sweetly fruit-y (passion fruit, apple & mango) which sounds really....young & girly but it isn't. The base notes of amber & musk make it nicely grounded & it matures really well on the skin. Plus the solid formula means that it lasts & lasts! I am SOOOO getting more of these.

Okay, skirt. I have been loving midi skirts but when I was looking for one at the beginning of spring they only had black ones. The above cute floral one from Ted Baker is my favourite, but at £129, it's a little bit out of my price range. Luckily there are similar skirts available for A LOT cheaper. Here are some of my favourites.
Okay so skirt 1 is the Ted Baker one I already mentioned - cute floral printed, knee length pleated skirt make from a stiff enough fabric that holds it's shape.

Skirt 2 is this cool neon floral print on a tan background in 'scuba' fabric - which I'm assuming means heavy & stretchy - and since it's from ASOS, it only costs £40!

Skirt 3 is from ModCloth & this may be the one I get (it's between 3, 5 & 6 for me). Cream background with large red roses, a zip up back & a soft, stretchy cotton fabric. At $54.99 (about £33) this is a really good option if you want a skirt like the Ted Baker one, but you are a) not a pink person or b) you don't want a copy.

Skirt 4 is from Ruche & is again $54.99. I love that this is basically exactly the same pattern as the pink one (except that it is cream & the pattern is a little busier). Stretchy cotton & a little longer than the Ted Baker one, this is a really good, cheaper alternative if you really want the Ted Baker skirt.

Okay, Skirt 5. This one is different (a little more like a Dolche & Gabanna skirt I've been lusting over. The minty-teal-green-blue shade is super cute & I love the large soft pink floral print. It reminds me of cherry blossom & kimono prints you know? Again from ModCloth & $59.99 (about £36) this is really, really tempting me. Apparently it is 'semi-sheer' but that's what shifts are for right?

Last one, is this ASOS skirt which is the cheapest of the lot (£30!). I love the cream background & the large pink florals...I just wish the florals were more spread out & that the fabric was a little better. The soft polyester fabric just seems wrong to me for a midi skirt like this.

Okay, that's it for this Sunday post. I am currently relaxing in a quite house whilst the rest of my family is out at my Grandparents for Easter Sunday (I'm not up to the car journey - an hour either way in my Dad's car that I swear has it in for me). Best Easter Sunday, EVER lol.
How's your Easter been? And your week in general. How did you enjoy the sunshine?


  1. I'm SO glad you followed me on twitter, which lead me to clicking your blog. I just know I'm going to love reading it in the future, and as I don't know of many ME bloggers who don't solely blog about the illness, I'm happy to have found you! I do blog about ME and life as a sick chick, but I try not to focus everything on that as there's a lot more to me, as I'm sure you can agree with! I also use a wheelchair, but not all of the time. I hope you've had a lovely weekend, can't wait to go through more of your older posts now and have a proper look through everything :)

    x Hayley-Eszti |

    1. I know what you mean, of all the M.E. blogs I've seen, they are basically ALL about M.E/'inspiration'. I was really glad I found your blog too, it's nice to find someone else who's got M.E. but who doesn't spend all their time talking about it you know? The people with the M.E. are way more interesting than the M.E.

      I can't use the wheelchair in the house (it wouldn't fit) but I can only walk a max of 10m - on a really good day - so I use the wheelchair when I leave the house.....

      Sally x

  2. I follow you both and think you both are fabulous!

    1. Thank you :) (I never feel like I've earned compliments so I get really awkward...I've done like 5 drafts of this reply which I know is ridiculous :S)
      Hayley's blog is seriously awesome isn't it?

      Sally x

  3. Oh and #5 is my fave. Tough decision though. They are all so light and springy! xx

    1. I know right! I'm trying so hard to resist but I want them all! Why do things have to cost money :(

      Sally x


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