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Wednesday 22 January 2014

Beginners Makeup Kit Part 2 - Moving On

I told you that last weeks video was going to be part of a series, well this is part 2 - the bits of makeup which aren't so much basics but they are what I'd get right after the basics....can I say basic anymore? Basic McBasicson.....Basic squared.....Basic to the power of infinity.....basically I am going to stop saying basic now but you get the basic point I am basically trying to make....basically.
Wow I am out of it today.
As with last time links & alternatives after the 'read more'

Maybelline Colour Sensational Lipstick in Pleasure Me Red:
  alternative: MCSL in Hollywood Red:
L'Oreal Paris GlamShine Stain Splash:
   alternative: Maybelline Superstay Stain Gloss:
Rimmel Scandaleyes Eyeliner Pencils:
   alternative gel: Revlon crème gel eyeliner
   alternative liquid: No7 Precise Felt Tip Eyeliner
Bourjois Cream Blush:
   alternative: No7 Blush Cream
Real Techniques Starter Set:
   alternative: no7 brushes
   alternative: eco tools brushes
Rimmel Brow Pencil:
   alternative: Maybelline Brow Pencil:
   alternative: L'Oreal Brow Pencil:
Barry M Dazzle Dust:
   alternative - whatever you like
No7 Powder:
   alternative: Rimmel Stay Matte Powder   

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