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Friday 27 December 2013

Best of the Sales

My favourite bit of Christmas - after the buying, wrapping & giving of presents is the Boxing Day sales. I always feel like they are the best way to see out a year, even when I don't buy anything....this year however I have bought LOTS of things & so that I'm not the only one with an awesome haul & no cash I thought I'd share what I think the best deals are this year - including some I have already taken advantage of.

Karen Millen Boyfriend Jeans: I love the appearance of distressed boyfriend jeans - I think they just look fabulous - & as I said in my Capsule Wardrobe post I am trying to improve the over all quality of the pieces in my wardrobe. These jeans - at a £40 discount (£59) - may be the start of that improvement.

Too Faced Joy To the Girls Palette: Too Faced make some of the best palettes on the market & this festive palette has a great range of colours & - although it may not have the hefty discount of the jeans above - if you already had your eye on it the £8 discount (£30) makes it a lot easier to buy.

Topshop Spike Midi Ring: This is one of the items on this list that I unhesitatingly bought whilst compiling the post. This cute midi ring - along with many others - has been discounted down to £3.50 (from £5.50) & although it isn't worth purchasing by itself, it's a great item to slip in with any other purchases.

Topshop Crushed Velvet Skater Skirt: Why oh why is this only available in petite? This crushed 'velvet' skirt - with pockets is £17 off (£15) & absolutely stunning. This is the kind of item that will look great at parties whenever/however you wear it...if you are short enough & slim enough to buy it.

Bliss Blood Orange & White Pepper Sugar Scrub: Bliss is amazing with scents & the blood orange scent is by far my favourite. Bliss also really delivers with the quality of their products & I expect that this scrub will be fabulous & at 40% off (£17.16) it is definitely worth trying).

Zara Trench Coat: This trench coat isn't massively discounted - only £10 (£59.99) but if it is anywhere near the quality Zara coats usually are it is a total bargain. Plus trench coats are a truly timeless, classic item & this is a really pretty Burberry dupe.

Fat Face Henley Top: The fat face Henleys are some of the best things I own & these ones have stunning matte sequin detailing. AND they are less than half price (£15). I got both colours.

Bliss Mistletoe Must Have Gift Set: I have heard so much about the lip balm & hand cream in this Duo that I had to include it. As I said, Bliss really brings it quality wise & I have no doubt that these products will be exceptional and - at £8 - a total bargain.

Topshop Casual Chambray Shirt: This is one of those items I bought without thinking. On the model this shirt hangs so well & it looks so casual & comfortable - I think it will really work with a skater skirt or a pair of coloured jeans... Plus, it is £12, down from £29! Total bargain.

Karen Millen Double Buckle Waist Belt: I love waist belts & I sincerely believe that any wheelchair user or hourglass, pear or apple shaped woman who does not own at least one is missing the most basic item in her wardrobe - after a good bra. If it wasn't for the tiny fiddly buckles on this gorgeous waist belt I would already have ordered this as the £26 discount has brought it down to a much more reasonable £39. Okay maybe that's still too much for me but I would have seriously considered it.

LancĂ´me Artliner: The last of the old formula, now heavily discounted - despite it's cult status -  from £20 down to £13. I have spent large parts of this morning trying to decide whether it is worth buying this despite the knowledge that - if I fall in love with the formula - it's the last one I'll ever be able to get.

Fat Face Military Jacket: This coat! It is so beautiful, so casual yet formal & eminently, chic-ly, classically fashionable. And hugely discounted (£98 down to £55). Yet I am certain this would bunch weirdly in my wheelchair. Fashion is truly unfair sometimes.

P.S. I just realised that this post has an overwhelming blue theme that was totally un planned - freaky :)

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