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Friday 13 December 2013

Weekly Obsessions Post 5:, not much to talk about

I feel weird but this week I've not been obsessed with much.....this is such an anomaly for me I had never foreseen this occurring....however that is how this week has turned out.
Mostly I've been obsessing over my bodies cravings for carbs (I've been on my time of the month) and the fact that I've bloated up half a dress size without putting on a lick of weight (I actually lost a pound).
There have, however, been a few things...
My favourite has to be the everyday sexism responses that have been being tweeted recently....some of them are really clever. This is my favourite, but this article collects some of the best of warned though, some of them are kind of rude.
The others are small things..

I've been watching a lot of Eureka (I reckoned, now that I've finished Warehouse 13, I may as well try Eureka since it's kind of set in the same universe....apparently) & I am hooked! It's incredibly silly & a lot of fun...I can't believe that Syfy keeps cancelling these fun series!
Finally? I have been loving the clumsy ninja game, that avatar is so cute!


  1. thanks for sharing the 'everyday sexism' comments...I read them and laughed so much I had tears running down my face. My obsession this week, and I am sure all mums will feel the same, is getting ready for the onset of Xmas. I am at the age when I have adult, or near enough children and older parents. Which means my parents are the childish ones...try suggesting altering the plans for Xmas Day and then dealing with your mother sulking and stropping!

    It was lovely to read a non Xmas post! Thanks for cheering me up!

    1. I'm glad you liked it & that it was a bit of relief from the Christmas/family madness :) I am amazed at how quickly Christmas is arriving this year.....
      Sally x


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