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Thursday 23 January 2014

Random Geek-ery: Loncon 3 a.k.a. Worldcon 2014

Anyone who knows me in real life will be aware that I am a huge nerd/geek/fan-girl. Yes that is the official term. No I'm not embarrassed. What I mean by this is that I am academic & I totally in love with the whole nerd world. Fantasy, sci-fi, comic books, games, steampunk, films, table top RPGs... You name it, I have an interest. I may not have the 'training' or the range of some ppl but in my specialty areas I am pretty good (my main specialty area being Urban Fantasy novels with few vampire characters).
With this in mind it is no surprise that I have a yen to go to Comic-Con. It's written into my DNA, like my desire to visit CERN or to do a PhD. Obviously, like the others, my M.E. has made the actual experience unlikely (I didn't manage to finish my A-Levels, I'm not going to get a PhD & I'm not sure CERN is that accessible). Thankfully WorldCon (Comic-Con's less well known, much more fun, older brother) is going to be in London this year & I got membership ages ago for my brother & I.
I am sure I am going to post about Loncon3 (as the Convention is called) again before it happens & definitely after, but I thought I'd do a big post about how excited I am etc...
I am so cool....lmao
Okay so Loncon3 is a 5 day event, Thursday 14th August - Monday 18th August.
Apparently "The World Science Fiction Convention (Worldcon) is an international gathering of the science fiction and fantasy communities. Worldcon attracts members each year from all over the world. In the last decade the convention has been held on four continents." I've never been to a sci-fi convention before - the closest I've come is IMATs or some tiny thing my town had one year which was really a fancy dress parade with a dealers hall tacked on - so I have been hovering over the website & the 'first WorldCon?" page with embarrassing regularity. I've also been re-reading 'Deep Secret' by Diana Wynne Jones....let me tell you, what I don't know about this convention is probably not on the internet yet.
Anyway, the Retro Hugo Awards is one of the things I am most excited for. Mostly because of the shopping opportunities it offers. Held on the first night (the Thursday) it is a retrospective award for 1939's best Sci-Fi & fantasy offerings, I honestly may not even go to's not a period I know a lot about & there'll probably be other things on at the same time. However, the concept of getting all dressed up in the way that someone from the 1930s might envisage the future to be truly appeals to me. I'd love to do a get-ready-with-me of that; 1930s style dress (because everyone in the future wears clothes that are incrementally different from the clothes of now - just look at Star Trek) with holographic T-bar heels & a holographic clutch...

Not to say that the only part of the convention I am looking forward to is the clothes, because it isn't.
There are going to be some awesome parts the programme  including a Science programme (not just Sci-fi stuff), Film ScreeningsComics & Graphic Novels programme, a Media Sci-Fi programme, a Literary Programme & a Gaming programme, to name a few. My brother is crazy excited for the gaming programme 'cause they are going to be doing live action role playing & table top gaming, both of which he loves but has no friends that are into them so he doesn't get a lot of opportunity (read no opportunity). I think I'm most excited for the Science programme & the literary programme. Not having gotten to go to Uni it's years since I heard a good science lecture but Gail Carriger might be part of the literary I do love books & I may find new sub-genres.....
I have a feeling though the best bits will be all the bits that aren't on the programme, the people & the random late nights & the atmosphere.
The access team are - so far - super amazing. They are really amazing & dedicated to making this a totally inclusive convention. I think this is going to be amazing.
If anyone is interested in WorldCon, go to the website. They still have memberships avaliable (which is the only thing you pay & it accesses everything in WorldCon) & there will be day membership available from Feb....just in case you're interested. It's going to be amazing *dazed happy look*

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  1. it sounds awesome. I went to Worldcon when it was held in Brighton, many, many years ago when I was still young. What can I say, you will have an amazing time and meet some awesome people. If your experience matches mine you will also watch an unfeasible number of strange films and spend a small fortune on books!



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