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Friday 10 January 2014

Fashion Post Friday

Hi guys, I really don't know what to call outfit posts (what are you supposed to call them, is there a naming convention I have failed to pick up on?).
But as you can see this out fit is pretty simple, a jumper from my sale shopping, a check shirt, a skater skirt, tights & boots. I wear outfits like this ALL THE TIME, it's comfortable, simple whilst looking put-together & pretty...we all have go to outfits like this.
You may notice however that I have on quite a lot of belts
(and that the photos make me look ridiculously pale - technical issue). The reason for the belts is that I wanted to give this outfit some edge & just try something different. Plus I had a bunch of these belts that came with things but are too big for me or not my style or w/e.
As it turns out, I think the belt thing totally worked & the outfit looks much better with the touch of edge..
What do you think, great idea or bag lady chic?


  1. Jumper colour is gorgeous against your skin tone :) I like the plaited belt the best.

    1. Thank you :) my favourite is the studded belt ^^



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