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Friday 7 February 2014

Casual Valentines Day Outfit

So, valentines day is coming up....apparently. I've actually never done anything for valentines day so it's kind of a non entity in my life....I had actually forgotten it was coming up until House of Fraser launched this competition on their blog. You create a valentines day outfit on your blog, leave the link on their page & you could win £100 in House of Fraser vouchers.
I thought it sounded a lot of fun & a great way to do a fashion post when I am honestly still too ill to do anything much....
Casual Valentines Day Outfit
Trench Coat  -  Jumper  -  Jeans  -  Ballet Pumps  -  Watch  -  Necklace
   Lipstick   -   Nail Polish  -  Eyeshadow Pencil  -  False Lashes 
This outfit is intended to be the kind of daytime casual that has enough chic touches that you could make it work basically anywhere - drinks with friends, cinemas, a date...even work.
I have taken the excuse of it being valentines day to play up the red accessories & accents but - as you may have noticed - I haven't picked a red lip. I think that red lips are almost overdone on valentines day & so I've picked very nude face makeup.
Not boring though - the very luxurious lip product & false lashes are intended to create a French style barely-there-but-absolutely-stunning look that works on anyone. That French laid back attitude is there in the whole outfit I think, the combining of just a few simple, elegant pieces to make a timeless outfit. It would work for a 20 something on her way to college, a mum on a school run or a woman more my grandma's age...not that my mum or grandma would ever wear something like this, which is comforting since I love outfits like this!
Mind you, there is no way I am going to look anything like this on Valentines day, I have a meeting that Saturday & a Powerchair football match on the Sunday so I'll be in my legging & hoodie scrimping & saving every scrap of energy
How about you guys? Any valentines day plans? Any outfit plans or do you still need to do some shopping?


  1. Would love to own some Tom Ford makeup! This valentines me and my boyfriend are just going to have a relaxing night in as our five year anniversary is coming up soon after, so saving to do something special then :)

    1. Me too, I have heard such amazing things about it! I hope you & your boyfriend have a lovely valentines & an even better anniversary.


  2. Lovely top and nail polish color!


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