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Friday 7 March 2014

Statement Basics

I love this outfit, it makes me feel like I'm going off to work at a fashion magazine or as a reporter covering fashion week...definitely smart casual fashion. If I had a 'traditional job' this would be the kind of thing I'd want to's so effortlessly cool....
Not extra-specially spring like but it's got all that mono-chrome feel going for it, plus a pastel under spring appropriate..? I'll have worked out how to wear spring fashion by next time, I will have done.
I LOVE this necklace. It's the first statement necklace I've ever owned...I've wanted one for ages cause I watch Fleur de Force's videos for ages & she makes statement necklaces look so good! I don't think I've managed to achieve quite the same level of cool but maybe I'm close?
The other part of this outfit that I love is the these leggings. They are super comfortable & they are kind of thick....they are leggings that are made to be worn as got to love Zara.
Basically this whole outfit is from Zara, which is a total fluke...if I had realised when I was getting dressed I'd have tried to mix it up a bit. I'd probably still have ended up with the same outfit lol.
* Necklace - Zara * Shirt - Old Zara, Similar, also from Zara * T-Shirt - ASOS * Leggings - Zara *
* Ballet Pumps - Old, Similar here * Handbag - Zara *
These photos make it look like the leggings give me a belly :( They really don't if you are looking at it head on (which is kind of how most people see me) however that way of taking photos isn't particularly flattering in general....I'm just saying I don't have as much of a belly bulge as these photos suggest.  
What do you think? Cute outfit? Is it even a tiny bit work appropriate?

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