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Sunday 4 May 2014

Sunday Post: Room Moving Mania

Most images from my instagram
I've had a stupid week with the room moving & the 'renovating'. It is driving me nuts, I'm not sure how I am managing so well...I have yet to flare badly, collapse or have waking dreams. I've even been able to do some basic cooking to help out (I made French toast for my brother & salmon tacos for tea yesterday, so when I said basic cooking I really meant it).

Anyway, other than the room moving I've had a good week,
 a stunning tulle skirt I ordered from Ruche arrived this week (to be featured in an ootd soon lol), I went to Boots in order to go a little mad & I briefly went to a local bloggers meet-up (which was really cool, I wish I'd stayed longer because everyone was so nice). Plus my brother went nuts in the Lego May the 4th Star Wars sale which is always funny - in a kind of cool way.

So pictures; the first two are what my room looks like filled with all the crap from my brother's room, the third is the French toast I made for my brother, then my Boots haul & a skirt almost identical to mine (they've run out of mine on Ruche, this one's from ModCloth) & the last is what the place that will be my room currently looks like...I'm not sure it will ever look nice again.

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