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Friday 9 May 2014

Wheelchair Fashion: Broken Ballerina

This is the first outfit, ever I've not had to ask for help with naming. Tulle skirts have that obvious connection to kind of wrote itself. Cliché I know but it's such a cute name & I am so proud of having come up with something of my own, I had to use it.
This is what I wore last Saturday when I went to the bloggers meet up, a little bit over the top for a casual meet up but I just to say got this skirt & I wanted to wear it straight away.
I wore it the day before too & all I did then was hide in my room. This skirt is too pretty not to wear!

* Jacket - Old * * Necklace - Etsy * Top - Old * Skirt - Ruche, similar here * Shoes - old, similar here * Bag - Zara *
I'm not sure if you can tell in the pictures but in real life the skirt is one of the best things I have ever owned for my wheelchair. First of, the softness of the fabric means that it drapes beautifully & the lightness of the fabric means that - even in the wheelchair - it has beautiful movement. Even though it is a midi skirt, nothing about it looks old lady-ish, which is rare for midi skirts in a wheelchair.
I am already eyeing up a few more tulle skirts, you will probably see a number more in future outfits-of-the-day-s.
Other than the skirt, this outfit is made up of a 5 year old embellished vest top from River Island, my favourite cropped denim jacket from Miss Selfridge (again about 5 years ago), a pair of heels from 2 years ago & the Zara Handbag that you have probably seen way too many times on here.

So anyway that's my outfit :)

P.S. I am not wanting to be pushy so feel free to ignore this but my mum & brother have apparently nominated me in the Cosmo Blog Awards for best new fashion blog. If you want to nominate me too, the link is here.
Obviously there are a lot of blogs out there way better than mine, so there is no need for you to nominate me for anything. The fact that you read the random stuff I post is more than enough, thank you.


  1. You look absolutely gorgeous + the outfit was stunning!
    I wish I could pull off that look x

    Michelle | Satchels + Pearls

    1. Thank you :)
      I think it's a matter of the right tutu but I know what you mean.

      Sally x

  2. You look lovely! I love that dress :)
    So glad I found your blog! x

  3. You look gorgeous. Definitely going to wear more midi skirts when Im in my chair as my shorter skirts tend to rode up which is never a good look.

    1. I so know that feeling! I swear this trend for soft midi skirts has been a godsend ^^

      Sally x


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