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Friday 11 July 2014

Flare Fashion: What I've Been Wearing

Hi this is Sally's Mum so don't blame Sally if its not up to her usual standard. She is flaring badly at the moment and is struggling to get out of bed but sheer boredom drove her from her room and she took the opportunity to get some photos of the kind of clothes she wears when she is too tired to get 'properly' dressed. The sunglasses are because she is light sensitive at the moment not because she is avoiding paparazzi.
Her make up is very basic because Sally was teaching me how to put minimal make up on her for when she gets too ill to put on her own. She was very polite about my efforts but will need to be desperate before she hands over her make up to me.
Sally is doing some challenges on Instagram if you want to catch up with her there.
Sally is desperately saving any energy she can muster so she can attend a Blogger Meet-up in Leeds on Saturday, and will be there, dead or alive, even if only briefly. She is definitely getting cabin fever and is desperate to leave the house, do something fun and talk to someone other than me!

I imagine Sally will edit (completely rewrite) the post once she is feeling better, so keep an eye out for the new and improved version.


  1. Hi Sally (or maybe Sally's Mum?!) I love that your Mum blogged on your behalf! Mine wouldn't have a clue where to start! I'm so sorry to hear you are in a flare. They are the most sucky (is that even a word?) things in the world. You're rocking the spoonie look, when I wear my sunnys inside I put on a diva persona, just for fun ;)
    Hoping it passes ASAP and I hope you are feeling ok for the meet up. Enjoy it! Lots of love xx

    1. Sucky should be a word lol. I love the idea of a diva personal, it would definitely make wearing the sunglasses less embarrassing ;)
      I managed the meet-up surprisingly well (I am convinced that it was a combination of pure adrenaline & sugar ^^) & am 99% out of the flare now (not that it doesn't bite me in the but occasionally).

      Sally xx

  2. ((((SALLY)))) - I understand completely! because not only do I have the same illness, I'm also flaring ((((SALLY)) ... God bless your mum for writing this! I shall definitely keep you in my prayers +

  3. Aww, amazing!! I know you attended the event and had a great time, which is lovely to hear. Hope things are still going well!


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