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Friday 12 December 2014

Wheelchair Fashion: Festive Marsala

I don't know if you've heard but apparently Pantone Colour of the year 2015 is Marsala. Normally I think Panatone's colour of the year thing is over hyped & a total waste of time but this year the colour is so pretty I thought I should at least mention it. My favourite accent colour is this kind of burgundy, cranberry, neutrally, red purple colour & if Pantone manage to make it available all year round rather than just in Autumn-Winter I'm happy to pretend that the whole colour of the year thing isn't a joke. (Btw Dulux's colour of the year is copper blush just in case you were interested).

I ordered this skirt from Modcloth in the Black Friday sales & was totally in love with it until I tried it on. It hangs amazingly stood up but unfortunately as soon as you sit down it puffs up like no bodies business & the elastic nature of the fabric makes it almost impossible to adjust. I was almost sobbing with frustration! It the prettiest item of clothing I've ever owned though so I'm making it work but I have to say that as a wheelchair user you may be better off getting something else...

I feel that with all the sparkle & the cranberry (or Marsala) skirt that this is a really festive look & probably what I will plan to wear on Christmas day (although I'll lay good odds that I'll end up wearing pjs ^^). Amazingly the skirt is incredibly comfortable despite nipping me in at the waist, I think it's all the elastic in the fabric, both a blessing and a curse lol ^^

This is the skirt part way adjusted, you probably can't see all the things wrong with the way it was laying but the skirt was puff-balling at the sides & stretching at the was a bit of a hot mess. Emphasis on the word hot because this skirt is never anything less ^^


  1. Such a gorgeous colour! Shame it wasn't designed for sitting but looks like you made it work here! :)


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