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Friday, 13 February 2015

Everyday Fashion: Roses are grey, Snowflakes are blue

I feel like a genius for coming up with this name ^^ I am such a dork.

I had totally forgotten that valentines day was coming up (it's not really a big deal in my world) so it is a total coincidence that this outfit is kind of valentines-y. It's a great look to rock though if you have casual plans for valentines day....or any other day for that matter, and look no stripes ^^

If I wasn't such a bad blogger there would be pictures of the cute outfit I wore when I went to get my tattoo done. I'll have to do the outfit again because it looked super cute (also no stripes ^^).
These jeans are yet another ASDA find (they do some fabulous clothes), the top is old from fat face & the necklace is new from Wild Inanda who make the cutest boho jewellery.

How amazing is my new tattoo btw? I'll do a full post on it when it's healed (in about 2-3 weeks) but it's super beautiful ^^ There is a better photo on my instagram if you are interested but the tattoo is an amazing blue & purple water colour row of snowflakes.

So what are your plans for Valentines day? I'm going to be resting ahead of the Powerchair Football tournament on Sunday.....super exciting & romantic plans (!)


  1. Your pants are so adorable- love! Alex

  2. I saw the lovely tattoo on instagram! It's very very beautiful!

    1. Isn't it? Charlotte Timmons is so talented!

      Sally xx


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