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Friday 22 May 2015

Wheelchair Fashion: Princess Palace Style

I'm back with another team princess ootd. M.E. awareness week may be over but May is not ^^
If you don't know what I'm talking about when I say team princess you may want to read this post & have a look at this facebook page. And if you want to you can still donate on the just giving page to any of the registered M.E. charities in the UK.

Yet another pastel look (I may be a tiny bit obsessed...) & honestly it's not super princess-y, I'm starting to run out of princess-y clothes.

However much I want to be a drag queen, I pretty much just own subtle, low key kind of clothes, you can totally tell I come from a Methodist/Quaker family tradition (however atheist I am, some of that tradition pervades who I am).

Anyway, since my outfit isn't particularly princess-y I took these in a princess-y location, namely County Arcade in Leeds city centre....which honestly always makes me think it was designed but the Illuminati or some other secret society...the Knights of the White Rose maybe? The whole thing is very Victorian, over decorated faux Mediterranean & full of super expensive shops ^^
It's as close as Leeds gets to somewhere a princess would go shopping.

Anyway the outfit is, as usual, made up of old clothes. The skirt is from Modcloth last year, the cardigan is from Next last year, the top is from River Island....6 years ago, the bag is from Zara 1 or 2 years ago & the shoes are also really old. The only new-ish part is the belt which is from Hell Bunny.

I've actually bought some new clothes so my new outfit will actually contain something I could link to if I wanted to lol ^^ Oh & whilst I'm doing my finishing up part Laura has been doing an AMAZING series of posts on her blog for M.E. awareness month that you HAVE to read, there's even a giveaway :)

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