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Friday 9 October 2015

Wheelchair Fashion: Harvest Fog

I think the best bit of Autumn is the early morning fog when all the leaves are turning & the world is perfectly still. I was lucky enough to get out into the fog one morning last week & (whilst the fog is heavy to breathe) it was awesome. I'm actually thinking of making an autumn bucket list just so I can cross off that morning :)

Anywho, this is my new winter coat :) The year before I got sick I got my first grown up winter coat. It cost more than I could afford but it was going to last me for years so it was worth it....& then I got sick & it stopped fitting me (I gained weight & regardless it was too long to be comfortable in the wheelchair). Ever since then I have been trying to find another coat as perfect as that one that I got all those years ago.....
I'm hoping that this one will be the coat I've been searching for. It's got a large enough zipper pull that I can zip up my own coat, it's big enough that I've got space to get larger (or wear a couple of jumpers), it's warm, the hood is cosy, I love the colour, the texture of the fabric is amazing, the faux fur is soft & fluffy & I love the toggles.

P.S. If anyone has any advice on how to take good photos in the fog I would really appreciate them, I could get okay ones of me but when I tried to take photos of things further away I really struggled....

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