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Friday 10 February 2017

Wheelchair Fashion: Rockabilly Cat Lady

I hope you don't mind but my cat kind of crashed the party a little for this ootd post. Of course you don't mind, she is totally adorable & cats do rule the internet after all. Of the many MANY things that prevented me from posting over January getting Renata (my cat) was one of them.
The last time I had a cat I was maybe 3? I don't remember her at all but I have been pestering my mum for a pet ever since I can remember. There were always so many good reasons why we couldn't get one that it didn't seem like it would ever be possible.... I guess I finally wore her down though because last month we went to the RSPCA & adopted Renata (formerly Lulu). She is a 9 year old former stray with a food allergy & the sweetest, most cuddly cat ever. She will literally snuggle up to anyone who has a lap spare & spends most of her day on the end of my footstool pushing me off 😊

I get the feeling I might be talking a little bit too much about a cat in what is supposed to be a wheelchair fashion post...that isn't even in a wheelchair. There are two very good reasons for that 1) it was -2°C & raining & 2) my chair is broken again. Also inside I can put my pjs back on as soon as I've finished. Which I did.

Not that I didn't like this outfit, super cute & really comfortable for being real people clothes, I especially like the jumper (collectif clothing £14.75 on sale, usually sizes 8-22). Now I usually don't pick things that aren't a deep scoop neck because I realised in high school that high necklines make me look like my boobs start at my chin & end at my waist (not a flattering look) & that I generally can't pull them off (otherwise I would have some of the miss fortune knitted tops). But 2016 was a year where I took a whole load of fashion risks, totally changing my style being one of them) & I'm trying to keep that doing in 2017 so I bought the top, it was on sale anyway so I wasn't loosing anything...I seriously love it. Cute top, cute print, flattering cut. Can be dressed down, can be dressed up. Light enough to layer but warm enough to wear on it's own. Would work in all seasons, especially spring/English summer though, you ever notice how nautical is in every year?

The skirt is also on sale btw, although I got it at full price. You know, usually I would regret that but I have gotten so much wear out of this already that I can't be mad about it you know? It's quite a long skirt, not really the length I would choose for wearing in my wheelchair usually, but it's not too long if you're not sitting down. The fabric is nice & heavy, it's cute with a petticoat & that sparkle is EVERYTHING! I don't particularly like the belt but that's a personal preference thing, not a problem with the belt.
Plus the zip is good, nice lining & the cut with the cool panelling....awesome.

The headband/scarf/whatever thing is also from collectif clothing. It's my first one, I've never had anything like it so I don't know how it stacks up to any others but it's nice & wide, long & very soft which makes it pretty multi-purpose. You can tie the bow any which way you like & I have to rate it just for that. It's a good introduction to the whole hair bow thing if nothing else.
I am totally hooked, I already ordered a whole bunch more on etsy.

So you don't think the whole look is from collectif clothing, the belt is from modcloth (too old for a link I'm afraid). I'm truly not sponsored by collectif clothing, their store is just in the UK & has a good range of well made clothing so when I am being brave I tend to pick them as I can always return something if I hate it. Only one return so far & it was my mistake not anything wrong with the item.

How was your January? Do you have any pets & any advice to a new pet servant owner?

P.S. I call this 'wheelchair fashion' because it is what I would have worn in my wheelchair if I'd been able to use it.


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  2. Hi
    I'm a curvy girl new to a wheelchair. I'm also a fan of being more on the wild side. Any tips clothes wise?
    I'm fast approaching 40, but due to having Ehlers-Danlos syndrome I look 10 years younger!!!!


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