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Friday 7 April 2017

Wheelchair Fashion: Aqua

Writing my outfit posts seems so unreal sometimes, today especially. I'm not quite sure why, but there's something about sitting in a darkened room, with freezing cold feet hearing the semi-muffled voices my brother & his friend talking at the top of their voices that makes it seem like there is no way that only a few days ago I was out taking outfit photos & that it was relatively warm...or at least it felt so at the time. But then maybe it isn't all that real, the lake looks kind of clean in the photos & I can tell you from experience that it's really not (I used to kayak on it in my pre-M.E. days & it is super gross).
I guess a touch of unreality is part & parcel of the blogger's life. No-one would want to see a picture of me looking as I do right now. Trust.

Semi-philosophic musings aside this skirt is seriously amazing. It's one of the best things I have ever owned, not just based off of the print. I know I say that all the time but I am serious for this one. The only thing it is missing is pockets. Other than that, the shape, the length, the print & the quality are A++ standard. Seriously Heart of Haute are really amazing. The only place I can find it in stock is on pinup girl clothing. I would still look on heart of haute though, they may not have this one but the ones they do have are stunning.
Talking of things that are near impossible to get, the top is one of pinup girl clothing's old style of peasant blouse (they changed the underbust from straight to a curve...) so it's not instock anywhere I could find. I think they released a similar colour recently though if you were looking for something in this colour family.
The cardigan, shoes & hair bow are simpler. The hair bow is a scarf from collectif clothing (£6.50), the cardigan is from Deadly is the Female (£25 uk sizes 8-24, 11 colours) & shoes are from B.A.I.T. footwear ($72, US sizes 6-11).

Sorry if things got a little abrupt there at the end but my cat has decided that my laptop taken up enough of my time and that it's now her turn so she's taken over my lap & keep looking up to make sure I'm not doing any more work. I'm having to finish this via the voice to text feature on my phone lol. Cats are adorable but they are definitely in charge Yes, yes you are


  1. Lovely outfit!
    But actually I do want to see what you look like while you were writing this. ;-)

  2. Lovely outfit!
    But actually I do want to see what you look like while you were writing this. ;-)

  3. That dress is STUNNING! looking lovely xx

  4. e that you know all this but, for whatever reason, you have decided it is still important to move a rattlesnake away from the house.How good are these guys


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