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Monday 22 April 2013

Review of Konad Stamping

So, recently I've been getting really into nail art and I've been doing new things to my nails everyweek and watching loads of nail art tutorials...
Anyway one of my favourite youtube nail artists is the amazing artist at Arcadia Nail Art and she has this amazing video on everything nail stamping/konad related. I saw it first about 2-3 months ago and ever since then I've wanted to get some konad plates but at the time I wasn't sure I was gonna stick with the whole nail art thing.
Well time has passed and I have so I finally treated myself to a konad kit.

I didn't get one of the pre-made sets that you can buy cause all the plates in those ones seemed to be the naff plates and I knew I wanted a lace one. So I went direct through the Konad site and got myself an m71 plate for £6
A konad stamping polish in white pearl for £4
And a Stamp and Scraper, Steel Blade Set for £3
I hummed and harred over whether to get a plastic scraper or a steel scraper but I ended up getting a steel scraper because A) I couldn't find a plastic scraper and B) because I did a lot of research and apparently scratches don't affect the plates.
And yes I know you can get all of this stuff on Amazon or whatever for cheaper but for the first time at least I wanted to get the stuff off the official site so I was sure I was getting the genuine article.
Anyway I still suck at the stamping part of it so I won't show you the results but I love stamping. It's a very cool techinique and it makes doing amazing nail art so much easier. It can be a low spoon day activity which is just mind blowing.
This was done using the plate, Illamasqua Scorch, Nails Inc. Porchester Square and Lime Crime Gemini Glitter. Both the polishes were quite old so worked really well but I do think that the official stamping polishes do make it eaiser.
P.S. what do you think of my nails, cool huh? This is my right hand btw, how awesome is stamping? :)

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