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Monday 10 June 2013

Therapie Himalyan Detox Salts

So, this product. OMG.

I guess I'd better start of by explaining the basics. I am chronically ill, probably always will be now, and my current diagnosis is M.E/CFS which is a complicated condition and if you want to know more you should probably just click the link cause that's a WHOLE other post. So, anyway, everyone experiences chronic illnesses differently but one of the big things I get with my M.E. is awful insomnia. I have pills to help me get to sleep but every so often I'll get a 3 day + period where I'm getting less than an hour of crap sleep a night. I occasionally have it last for as long as a month. When I get this I can get really weird. Like REALLY weird. Hallucinating, giggling at nothing, forgetting how to speak, having nightmares whilst wide awake weird. As you can probably imagine, it's not a lot of fun. One of the doctors at my GP's office used to give me a tiny dose of honest to goodness sleeping pills when I got like this and that was magic but when she retired the doctors stopped being willing to give me sleeping pills ever. Apparently they are habit forming. I really think that is a bit of an odd thing to fixate on at times like that but they are doctors after all. It's like a mechanic refusing to change the oil on the car because it may be "habit forming". Sorry, I don't have a high opinion of doctors, but that again is a WHOLE other blog post :)
So, medical sleep aids having been ripped from me I have tried practically every readily available 'sleep aid' and old wives tale and so far, I had found nothing that worked for me. And then I found this.

These are bath salts from some famous aromatherapist's new product line. It claims to help with insomnia and 'detox the radiation from mobile and computer use'. You add it to your bath and just soak in it, on the packaging it recommends washing/exfoliating first, and then soaking in it, which sounds like a faff but all I did was have my bath as usual and then run it nearly all the way out, run it again and add some salts. The smell is incredible in the jar and the first few times you use it the whole room smells of it but over time that fades and the smell just clings to your skin. When I use it, as soon as it hits the hot water my heart starts beating like I just - well like I just walked further than I should have done but for normal people it's like you're winding down from a hard session at the gym. Anyway, after about 10-20 mins I get out and go to bed. At first I don't feel any tireder than normal and then I start to just feel heavy, everywhere. And then I start to drift. I can spend hours drifting like this, not really aware of time or where I am. If I'm not feeling entirely safe I stay like this and in that way they are just like sleeping pills, if you let yourself go you fall into a really deep sleep. If you don't, you don't sleep. Anyway, if I'm somewhere I feel safe after about an hour I guess of 'drifting' I fall asleep. AND I SLEEP STRAIGHT THROUGH. Proper sleep too, not the half ass, may-as-well-just-be-awake-and-daydreaming sleep I usually get. Proper, deep, no dreams at all sleep like my brothers get. And no this doesn't cure my M.E. but it sure does help.
Not my image, this is from the roques o'neil store
I really don't know about how much help it is with mobile/computer radiation. I think that it does detox cause I get the same kind of 'detox exhaustion' I get after acupuncture and drinking green tea and I don't feel as, I don't know, screen overloaded as I usually do but detoxing isn't something I can test really. I'm trying to get my brother - who lives for screens - to use it so I can see what he thinks about that part.
The first time I used this was by far the strongest, I felt like there was a...motorcycle helmet of sleep closing over my head, if that makes any sense at all. Anyway I think this works best when it is at it's freshest, so if you want it to REALLY work you can get 100g 'refil pouches', which is about 2-3 baths (according to the website) and will mean that - although you will need to get more pretty regularly - it will always be pretty strong. It may also have been so very strong because that was when I was needing the most detox. Who knows....

Anyway, a few more things. The smell is super relaxing so it is great to carry around if you have anxiety, much better than lavender water. Also I tried some of the other things from the therapie range (I got this sample kit) and so far I have loved EVERYTHING I have tried from them, I can see this getting expensive.

Where to Buy: At the brand shop or at cult beauty

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