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Saturday 6 July 2013

ASOS Wishlist

Okay, so I decided to do an ASOS wishlist for this post. I just felt like having some fun virtual shopping. It's too hot to do anything serious & I am so tired. By body has decided it hates me & is going to spring my monthly on me early. No body should have to bleed when it is this hot. I swear it.

Rose Gold Heart Ring
Okay, so if you saw my June Favourites video you will have seen that I am OBSESSED with knuckle rings. I love that they make me feel super fashionable & a lot better about my puffy, fat, gross fingers & hands.

ASOS Textured Boucle Blazer
I love this blazer. I think it looks so cool & I hate it so much lmao. I love blazers like this but I can't wear them in my wheelchair. They bunch oddly if you sit in them & whatever I do they just don't work. I still want it :(

Korres Magnolia Bark Night Cream
I love my night cream but I have been using it for ages & it is kind of pricy (£33) so I've been looking at alternatives. This is one of the ones I like. I've wanted to try something from Korres for a while now & this looks like a really interesting product.

Bill Skinner Honeycomb Necklace
So, you may know that I LOVE the Secret World MMO by funcom. In the game bees are really important & this necklace reminds me of that. It's also pretty cute, kind of adorable in fact.

Gold Holographic Mini Satchel
I have been loving mini satchels. I struggle with handbags in my wheelchair but mini satchels can work really well & having got my clear satchel I'm very into edgy & different ones. This one is amazing, mostly because it is holographic. But also because it is gold holographic rather than silver like they usually are.

Fluffy Teal Crop Jumper
Okay so I know it is freaking ludicrous for me to be looking at jumpers in this weather but I really love this one & I know that winter will be coming sooner than anyone would like. I needed to get a jumper for a christmas article I was writing for the AYME newsletter (Cheers) & I got the cream version of this. It's very cute & I already want to wear it so I am already lusting over this one too.

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