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Wednesday 3 July 2013

The Secret World

So I am not much of a gamer. In fact I'm not a gamer at all, I really struggle with console pads and pc gaming have too many controls for me. I love gaming storylines, I just don't have the skill to play them. There is however one exception to that rule, and that is The Secret World  MMORPG by Funcom.
This game has an increadible storyline, great concept - it's set in a modern day, alternate reality with magic, like all the best urban fantasy books - and is totally cool.
Oh, yeah and the missions are really, really fun. Even better for me, most of them can be played by yourself if necessary.
There are 3 'secret societies' in the game, the Dragons, the Templars and the Illuminati. Because you learn different things depending on which one you play as you have 3 character slots.

It is amazing as a game, working both for me (I love mystery games, investigation missions and detailed storylines) and my little brother (he loves hitting things and playing with magic).
So far I've been to two of the gaming locations, Solomon Island and Egypt (each of which is broken into seperate sections).
Solomon Island is supposed to be an Island of the North East Coast of America with a very involved history including Native American, Viking and Illuminati settlers, all of which have left their mark and their monsters on the island.

 There are more recent events too, like Zombie making fog, a theme park set up to suck the happiness/life out of children and feed it in to the park's psychotic owner and Jack the Pumpkin head but really this Island is just super cool. It's really awesome learning about the island as you go round it and discovering more mysteries and more complications.

Egypt is more complicated still, but has less hidden, or at least so far it does :P Egypt is struggling because there is a cult of psycho, sun worshiping, militants who are trying to raise an evil pharoh from the hidden place he has been kept for thousands of years.
There are some pretty cool people here, including a mummy in an Armani Suit, some immortal dude who's kids have taken on the aspects of the Egyptian Gods to trap the pharoh and an Oxford professor and his boyfriend.
There are also elements that spread over all the areas, the filth for example, and Gaia. Gaia is supposed to be the earth, the essence of the earth and it is through Gaia and Agartha Conduits that your resurect and travel capacities work.
Weird, black, toxic substance which causes some messed up mutations in anything it touches. It's something that's not supposed to be there but that has pervaded the earth and you are supposed to deal with....there's a whole story there I don't think anybody gets yet. Appart from the people who run secret world, and I'm not totally sure they know everything.

Following on from the filth there are the Orochi, which are some kind of super secret government contractor or something. Totally secret and seem to follow the filth around like moths to a flame. At one point you bump into a poor CDC lady who's been hauled along for the ride and hung out to dry when everything went pear shape. Not a fun case.
Anyway, the final super cool thing about the secret world is it's monsters. I won't go into too much detail becuase there are loads but follow the link if you are interested, they are wicked cool. Everything from Zombies, wedigos, mechs to crazy bug monsters, ghosts, djinns, ghools and vampires (I haven't gotten to the vampires yet but they are in the next zone.)
So, the secret world. My favourite game....


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