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Saturday 20 July 2013

OOTD Summer Chic

Getting dressed in a wheelchair is a horrible job in general but I have to say the evil geniuses who design wheelchairs make it a lot harder in summer. Why? Because wheelchairs are mostly black & 3-4 minutes in the sun can make my wheelchair into a heated torture chair as I have been learning to my downfall.
I have been loving wearing something over my strappy dresses, basically so I can lean back in my chair without frying like an egg... Not a jacket though because I have to say NO-ONE should be wearing a jacket in 30 degree C weather. Anyway, this is an outfit of the day not a rant about the wheelchair. Let's see what I was wearing....

Can I just say how much I love this frock? It's a stunning strappy frock from miss selfridge with a zip up bodice that is so cool. I remember reading a book in which one of the characters was a total fashion freak & she claimed that a white dress with small blue flowers never go out of style & so far I have yet to find any evidence that she was wrong. I have had two white dresses with blue flowers in my life time & they are both amazing. When you are looking for a dress like this you want it to have a slight edge to it so that the dress doesn't look too old fashioned (this one has the zip).
So I teamed the dress with this grey denim waistcoat I got from H&M ages ago & I like how it gives it a very structured, country girl type look without looking like I'm an americana wanabee.
The hat is a straw boater also from H&M ages ago. It has been my go to summer hat for a lot of years now despite being £5 when I got it (definately got my money's worth out of it!).
Oh & my shoes? Grey studded zara pumps I got in the christmas sale last year. Yeah, I have such an up to date wardrobe, I feel like that alone is an embarasment to the fashion blogging genre as a whole :P
Who really buys all new every summer though?

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