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Monday 22 July 2013

Day out at Whitby

On Saturday I went to Whitby with my family. Whitby is my favourite bit of seaside in the whole wide world. I mean it's lost a lot of it's appeal since I got sick but it's still my favourite.
My Mum's parents ran a hotel in Scarbrough when she was a kid & like anyone who was raised by the sea she misses it if she's away for too long. For that reason I kow the Yorkshire Coast pretty well. My favourite has to be Whitby, the town has an amazing old town with cute little shops & a really nice beach. Plus there are all the Goths, with it being the home of Dracula & all that.

Whitby is mostly hills & cobbles so going isn't half as much fun any more. I've been spazzing like crazy ever since I got back. But then that's the price of having fun. I had a great day so it was worth it. We went to Whitby, one of the best bits of which was the drive over the moors. I love the Yorkshire Moors, they are increadibly beautiful. At the end of summer they are this amazing purple, all lit up and increadible.
Photos from last summer

Describing my day step by step seems a bit of a waste of time so I'll just put in the photo diary & captions when necessary.

The most AMAZING cafe we went to. They has this cinnamon, marzipan scone...I love this thing so much. Plus they let me have the recipe which is the nicest thing. I love that place even more now :)

Lemon top, a yorkshire seaside classic. Lemon sorbet ontop of awesome ice-cream.

The makeup I managed to pull together with less than 5 minutes to go

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