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Friday 30 August 2013

Transition into autumn

So school is starting again for my foster brother on Tuesday which is, for me anyway, the first sign that Autumn is here, whatever the weather is saying. So, with that in mind I have been looking at my wardrobe, getting ready to make that autumn transition. Usually the transition isn't that big, air out some of my larger jumpers, maybe swap my summer duvet for the bigger one but generally speaking English summers aren't that different to English autumns, or even winters so I don't have that much shopping to do. This year, however, we have had a GLORIOUS summer so I haven't really bought anything cold weather appropriate. So I have a bit of a wishlist here, my transition into autumn wishlist...

So the first item is the lace & tartan crop top from Miss Selfridge that I've actually already treated myself to cause it was in the sale & I've had my eye on it for ages. This is so cute & totally ties into that whole, grungy 90's thing that's been everywhere this year. Totally lost on me, I barely remember the 90s & from what I've seen in TV re-runs it was not an era to be envied (brown lipstick?!) but this is cute & will look great in my wheelchair with maybe one of my many black skater skirts?

Layering tops are the key to my autumn/winter style & my 'slob' gear all year round. This stunning red/burgundy top with cuff detailing from the Free People fits into another one of my key autumn/winter things, cranberry. Love it, wear it, look damn good in it. I may have to erect a monument to the genius who keeps bringing it back for autumn/winter because they are my hero.

Combat boots are a must in my books. Preferably paired with a lovely tea dress, or mid length ball gown....but they also are a great solution to all the autumn/winter weather throws at us, hours stood at wet or snowy bus stops taught me that. These combats from ASOS have that cool buckle detail & look like they will age really well.

I have to admit to buying this already too, it's just so adorable plus totally me. I have a 5 colour DIOR palette I got at christmas that I use pretty reguarly & so when this came out I just had to have it. The new autumn/winter dior collection is all about metallics & I thought this palette had the right amount of plummy/metalic on trend colours to be the perfect update to my makeup collection. Plus the stars, have you seen the stars?

No-one in my family understood this one either but hear me out. Okay, blue lipstick, have I lost my mind? Well no. First off, it's not blue. It is Lipstick Queen's Hello Sailor Lipstick & it's actually a sheer navy...which turns your lip colour into a natural, personal to you, berry shade. Berry is always huge for autumn & this seems a pretty cool option for achieving a berry lip.

Okay so the fox ring. This is just adorable isn't it? As you may know, I have gotten really into above-knuckle rings & I know I turned up really late to that party but I'm here now. Anyway, almost all the rings I have are very summery & this little guy is totally adorable & not quite so summery. Perfect.

Ah,, yes. Matt Nails. This matt top coat from opi is one I actually already have for a while but I thought you would rather see the top coat than all the nail polishes I want to make matt with this. Like holographic glitters & really dark duo-cromes & maybe the odd bit of actual nail art!

Ugh, every autumn/winter since the wheelchair I have the same "Is it? Isn't it?" fight with myself over blazers & jackets online. Is it cropped enough to wear sat in my wheelchair? Without a fastening will it sit right? Why the hell I didn't get a load of cropped blazers a few years back when they were high fashion I will never know. This cropped blazer from ASOS looks promising & is very cute. We'll see.

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