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Monday 2 September 2013


I'm not a big inspiration type person. I've never had a wall full of inspirational quotes, I don't have any role models & I don't find inspirational movies or news stories anything more than annoying. I honestly always believed in being your own inspiration & letting your future being your motivation.
However with my chronic illness I really struggle to keep going sometimes & at those times a little inspiration is a good thing so I think I'm going to post one of these inspirational posts once in a while. Here it is.


I actually really like this quote, I may even get this as a tattoo at some point, I like it that much. Mostly the bit about gracefully letting things go that aren't meant for you.  Anyway, talk to you again soon...

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  1. its a good thought...and not too sickly sweet. You can't imagine it on a poster with kittens


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