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Thursday 17 October 2013

OOTD: Autumn/Fall Pastels

So, I got this amazing new electric wheelchair. It folds up to fit in the car & I can take the wheels off & put manual wheels on instead. It's the best thing in the whole world. So I thought I'd show off in an OOTD. I hadn't really planned to do this so I'm not 100% happy with this outfit, the boots look so wrong with this outfit but w/e. The rest is pretty cute & I like it.

 So the top is from Fat Face. I love tops like this, they are great for layering with cute cami-tops & they always seem casual & just thrown together. The skirt is from river island a while ago & has the worst zip of any skirt I've ever owned but it's really, really cute & hangs well...even sat down. The tights are from boots & are stunning, super comfortable & WARM!

I love pastel tones in autumn & winter. They are so unexpected & they look so stunning. I do go for darker pastels in autumn winter, more blush tones, pale tans & taupes...

This was my first time in the park in my new wheelchair & I loved it so much! I have so much more independence, it's amazing. I haven't had this much fun outdoors in years. Its amazing being able to decide where I go. 
I have to say I am thinking of customising the wheelchair. Maybe I'll yarn bomb it (lol), or more likely I'll cover the white parts in patterned washi tape.


  1. Love the colors in this outfit- so adorable! You pull of a pixie so well too <3 Washi tape sounds way to cute, you should totally do it! Alex

    Ps. I responded to your comment on my contact page- I don't know if it will notify you or not- if it doesn't, just swing by!

    1. Thank you & your advice on that comment was really helpful, thank you so much I will definately be trying out different angles :)

  2. hello! what is the name of the company that makes your wheelchair, and what is the model? are you still loving how it's working for you? thanks!

    1. My wheelchair is an Invacare Esprit Action4 NG. I absolutely adore it, it is a great little wheelchair...I play Powerchair football in it (which I know I shouldn't as it's not a sports chair) & it is as good as - if not better than - all the other day chairs.
      It could not fit my lifestyle better & I would recommend it to anyone who doesn't have the space to store a conventional powered wheelchair.

      Sally x

    2. thank you so much for the info! i will eventually (hopefully) be doing a lot of commuting so the lightweight and small frame looks perfect. football sounds like a blast, and is definitely telling of the chair's strength. cheers!



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