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Wednesday 30 October 2013


So, Halloween. I've never been a big Halloween nut...I can't cope with horror movies & in my area there are maybe 4 families that do trick or treating. So generally Halloween is just like any other day for me, but I'm on pinterest now.... So what? But if you are on pinterest you'll know that you end up getting slightly suckered into all kinds of things - like lusting over slow cookers, thanksgiving food & Halloween. So I've been thinking about Halloween & this year I think I may do a little...maybe watch a Halloween movie, a TV series, or just read a good book....

So, films? There's obviously Hocus Pocus & Casper but I also think that the Addams Family & Paranorman have to be thrown in there as films that are Halloween essentials. I can't believe none of these films were a part of my childhood, although I think that was a little bit of a blessing....I really am that incapable of watching horror movies. Hocus Pocus is so funny + I love the outfits the witches wear...yeah, fashion is a big part of Halloween movies :)
Casper is maybe my favourite every kids movie, Addams Family is so amazing...Addams Family values is what we watch on Thanksgiving & Paranorman is just so good! I don't think I've ever seen a kids film that has got a better message for kids or a better execution...
TV series...I recon Supernatural. I think every occasion is a Supernatural occasion tbh but that is no reason not to watch it. In fact it is more of a reason, it's a horror programme but I will watch it at every opportunity. It's so good, there's a great combination of humour, horror, strong storylines & really stunning acting. Plus Jensen Ackles who is yum-mmy lol. I watched the Ghostfacers episodes with my brothers & it was so funny, I spent half the time watching their faces. They loved them even more than I did & I watch all of those kinds of bad ghost hunting programmes.
Books: in my opinion one of the best Halloween books is Fire & Hemlock by Diana Wynne Jones. It's actually set at Halloween &...well it's Diana Wynne's awesome.
If you want something else I recommend World War Z. If you haven't read it yet your life is poorer for it. The book is totally absorbing, it's one of those books were the world is totally absorbing & you feel a little lost once you finish watching.
What do you think of my foster brother's pumpkin? This is something we do every year whether or not we are going to light them. My little brothers love making them & I've never gotten to make one...the great thing about having brothers :)

UPDATE: You could also make these adorable Halloween stuffed peppers...they are so cute & a very easy homage to Halloween even if you are going to do nothing else.

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