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Tuesday 26 November 2013

Decoration-a-Day Advent Calendar

As I said in the advent calendar shopping guide, I love me an advent calendar. They are possibly my favourite bit of Christmas....actually, almost certainly. So having seen all the awesome DIY advent calendars on Pinterest I realised I HAD to make a DIY calendar but I didn't have that much time left when about 3 weeks ago I realised that Christmas was coming & making an advent calendar should be probably be done soon.

This isn't exactly the best photo of the calendar I made but I had to put it up in the living room which is painted lime green...
A lot of the decorations are DIY, the paper snowflakes, button wreaths & the air-dry clay decorations...all of which will be followed by up coming DIY posts. They are super cute decorations, trust me...I am majorly impressed with how they turned out.
However most are things I got from the Christmas decoration boxes on top of my mum's wardrobe or things I got from some cute shops. I found some adorable ones all over the place this guys should definitely keep an eye out, there are some winners.
I got the pegs & the ribbon from Hobbycraft, I can't find the exact ones on the website but I've found these pegs & this ribbon which are similar enough.
I ended up going with a red, cream & metallics theme. It has actually worked out really well, I'm super proud.
I think I am 100% in love. The only thing that I am bummed about is the super cute Christmas tree I got from Next. It's just way too small, but it is however great for my YouTube background.

How cute is this bird decoration? I am so in love with it!


  1. That is really cute! Great job. :)

    1. Thank you. I'm proud of it :) even my mum (who hates christmas) loves it :) x


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