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Sunday 24 November 2013

Post Round-up

I have never done anything like this before...I don't usually write enough posts for this to be relevant but this week I have been all over the internet (including my first ever guest post over on I Am Into This).
So from Monday onwards I guess....

Monday was my Winter Makeup Edit - the makeup that I've got out of storage specifically for winter
Tuesday was a bonus fashion post showing another Autumn Pastels look...
Wednesday I posted my weekly video, this time on What to do when you are flaring
My guest post also went up on Wednesday, it's about the cost of skincare & makeup....
This Thursday the first of my Christmas posts went up, all about great advent calendars.
And on Friday my Weekly obsessions post went up where I waxed lyrically about all things TV & blogging...


  1. I love all your new posts. I am particularly enjoying your weekly obsessions post. At the moment my obsession is rereading childhood favourites on Kindle...they are mostly free so what I save on not paying for the book I can spend on chocolate biscuits. A win/win situation, I get to relive my childhood and eat 'free' biscuits! I am reading Dracula...every bit as scary as I remember and The Lost World... a true 'adventure yarn'

    1. You can get books for free? I should check that out! I'm so glad someone likes the weekly obsessions posts, I was kind of worried it was only me who liked them :) x


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