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Tuesday 19 November 2013

OOTD: Pastel Harvest

I guess you are getting a bonus fashion post this week, lucky you guys.
So, I joined the Independent Fashion Blogger community this week. The website is amazing, it has a great amount of info on blogging & fashion, & it's got an amazing wealth of inspiration. They had this great post where you post an autumn pastel look & they do a round up of the best ones.
You guys know how much I love pastels/nudes all year round, so I thought this was perfect for me & I went for it.
I know these photos aren't sat down or in my wheelchair like usual but that's just how the photos went & don't they look lovely? I tried out golden hour photography & I LOVE it.
Okay, so this look is based around an acid wash shirt & these cute nude jeans I got a while ago - you can so tell cause they are way too big on me now - both of which I got from ASDA. I really need to get better clothes.....

Have you seen the cute scarf? I so do not get to wear this thing enough. I got it from accessorize, last year I think, & it is so stunning. It's lavender with an abstract floral print & flecks of gold foil, seriously it is unbelievably stunning.
The umbrella I got from Next not that long ago, it's probably still available. It's pretty much the cutest umbrella I've ever had. Plus, the gloves are from accessorize & they are lovely. They are those cool fingerless mittens, you know the ones that have that little flip over pocket? Yeah, they are super cute.

And finally the boots are DMs, the ones where you fold them down & they have a pretty lining....I got them a while ago when my feet started swelling with the M.E. & I needed bigger shoes - they are literally 2 sizes too big for my feet when they are not swollen but the rest of the time? They are embarrassingly perfect.


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