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Friday 29 November 2013

Weekly Obsessions 3: Books, Belts & Black Friday

Okay, like I said, last week I am getting crazy into blogging. Whenever I am wanting to do a thing properly, I do research hence one of my obsessions - 'Blogging Your Way to the Front Row' by Yuli Ziv. Not that that's my only obsession, apparently waist belts are back *commence the embarrassing Chandler dancing*, oh yeah & it's Black Friday today & John Lewis has a sale!
So I'm going to start with the books....apologies for the iPhone photograph.

'Blogging Your Way to the Front Row' by Yuli Ziv is apparently one of the best guides for blogging, especially for fashion. I am LOVING it, it's making me really think about what I am doing...if I end up with a more professional looking blog with better content, blame this book.
Oh yeah, & if my style improves that is the fault of 'Paris Street Style - A guide to effortless chic'. Seriously amazing style inspiration, everything from this to this.
Okay, I may be going over the top with the filters, which kind of leads onto another obsession, the 'A Beautiful Mess' app. It's stunning!
Okay, the last book I'm in love with is the 'What Have You Got To Lose?' book. As I mentioned in my 'Capsule Wardrobe' post, I have been losing weight. Not for my health, not because I want to look like a model but because I didn't feel comfortable the size I was. As the daughter of a woman has yo-yo dieted for most of her life (but not since my brother was born) I know all kinds of things about the 'science' of dieting & this is my mum's favourite dieting book. I have to say I love it...written by on of the founders of the UK size acceptance movement it doesn't really talk about the diet so much as it talks about everything else. How to lose weight is personal, something different is going to work for each of us, but all the rest of it is interesting & relevant for all of us.

Okay, moving on from books....waist belts are back!!!! Or at least that's what says & since I have been waiting for this moment for at least 4 years I am inclined to believe it! Waist belts are SUPER flattering in a wheelchair or just in general for us hourglass or pear/apple shaped girls. So, I thought I'd include a sneaky shopping guide in here...

I already have some of these & I am loving them!
Oh yeah, final thing. Sales, Black Friday is here & I am so happy about it....apparently ASDA is doing Black Friday this year too. Now if only I had any money......

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