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Monday 2 December 2013

Christmas Gift Guide: Beauty

This series of Christmas post would not be complete without a post of me lusting over beauty things I can't afford but that I really want. I'm going to claim it's a gift guide but really it is just me feeling sorry for myself...just in case you guys were confused.
So, this is kind of designed for that person in your life who always wants beauty stuff but has everything.

So, I should probably explain each thing...
  • Laura Mercier Artist Palette. VintageorTacky was RAVING about this palette earlier & I have to say I totally see why, it looks brilliant. Plus the Laura Mercier Eyeshadow formulas are beautiful; this looks to be a great value Christmas palette.
  • Sarah Chapman Overnight Hand & Nail Treatment. Again, something I came across via a beauty blogger/youtuber. Viviannadoesmakeup has been raving about this bad boy for months & if we weren't having a DIY Christmas I'd be buying it for my mum.
  • Elemis Frangipani Secrets Gift Set. I got some of the oil in this set a while ago & all I can say is that it is brilliant. I used it with the DIY sheet masks you can get at MUGI & it is just brilliant.
  • Marc Jacobs Dot Solid Perfume Necklace. I think that gifting perfume can sometimes be a little impersonal, a little over done, it almost feels like you haven't thought about it maybe? This however is a GREAT way to gift perfume, it's cute, it's clever plus it's a multi-purpose gift - perfume & jewellery in one!
  • Fig & Yarrow Pink Love Salts. I have heard amazing things about Fig & Yarrow products & just imagine unwrapping a pot of these great smelling, beautifully coloured bath salts...
  • London Brush Company Brush Shampoo. This stuff smells amazing (it's the only one of these I've been able to justify the price of) it's a bit like the candied orange peel I made a while back, all sweet orange & warm Christmas spices. Plus it makes your brushes super soft & clean. I am super impressed by the quality of this, any beauty nerd is going to appreciate a really good brush cleanser like this.
  • Urban Decay Shattered Face Case. I want this so much! The colour combinations are beautiful plus the fact that it includes everything - eyeliner, blusher, lipstick & eyeshadow - is just amazing. Mum, take note -  I have totally earned this.
  • Therapie Boost & Himalayan Detox Salts Duo. Therapie is the most amazing brand, I think that everyone should have every product from this range & I personally think doctors should be prescribing them. These products are probably my top two (although I don't like to play favourites) & they would make a  exceptional gift.
  • Nails Inc Snowflake Effect Polish. I love everything snowflake - it's an obsession - & I think this is a cute little gift. Put it in a jar with a mini manicure kit (like you'll find all over pinterest) & it'd be one of those gift that is talked about for ages.
  • Urban Decay: The Mother Lode. Okay so I'm not being entirely serious. I know that this is super expensive but want it SO MUCH! It's almost every urban decay eye shadow, how could you not want it? Perhaps Father Christmas will get it for me?


  1. I have no spare cash (though when is cash ever spare?) but love your lineup. I have been lusting after the Urban Decay naked 3 palette, but the one listed here just blows it out of the water. Maybe not the time to tell sants how naughty I've been this year ;-)
    Love Vicky

    1. I know where you are coming from, this list was born 90% out of frustration at how may amazing things are available that I can't afford & 10% out of not wanting to be the only one who is frustrated....lmao :)
      yeah I really need to find a way to persuade Santa that I'm a great investment :)
      Sally x


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