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Tuesday 10 December 2013

DIY Shabby Chic Clay Christmas Ornament

So these are my favourite DIY ornaments. They are classy, minimal & a great use of cookie cutters that have been hanging around the back of your cupboards. They are also very, very fashionable this year, I mean look at these ones.
You could create the texture with anything - hand print, buttons, doilies or - like I did - some spare lace. Then use cookie cutters to create the shape you want, a skewer to create a hole & once they're dry some string or wool to string them.
In the image is the snowflake decoration I did, but my favourite was actually the circle one.

As you can see I used white, DAS air dry clay which I got for £5 on amazon & have already done 2 projects with - it's a total bargain.
All you have to do is roll the clay out to the thickness of a pound coin, then take the lace (or other texture) & press that (with a rolling pin) onto the clay until there are deep imprints.

That is basically it, just remember to make a small hole before the clay dries. Then when its fully dry thread it & hang it up.
What do you think, are you going to try this? My foster brother is planning to do these using his toys (he has some dinosaurs & I bet dinosaur foot prints would be adorable on these).

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