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Monday 9 December 2013

Christmas Gift Guide: Fashion

So, fashion is a difficult thing to gift. You can't really buy people clothes or shoes & this time of year a lot of accessories are nauseating/crap. But there are still those people in your life where fashion is always the right thing to gift. So here are a few fool proof items...or at least that's what I think....

Lily Snowflake Charm Necklace. My brother got me a necklace from this brand & I love it (I wear it everyday). They are lovely, small, delicate charms & come adorably packaged with a little message. You can even get them personalised with the charm & message you want. A GREAT gift, for anyone.

Fat Face Crochet Knitted Snood. If you are gifting a scarf this Christmas, make it this one. I'm not a big snood lover (I'm sorry, I just don't get them) but this one has super cute fabric, is a lovely colour & would be usable year round (available in 3 more colours).

Happy Jackson Great Ideas Notebook. Okay, so not technically fashion but a great notebook is almost cooler & this is a GREAT notebook. Cool message on the front, red edged pages & good amounts of it says cunning plans on the front....

Cath Kidston Robin Studs. Get your rotten tomatoes at the ready....I am not a Cath Kidston fan. Okay, confession time over. These studs are super cute & they are not ridiculously over priced like Cath Kidston's usual crap erm, stuff.

Paperchase Woodland Satchel. I love satchels, I am a satchel junkie. If I had every satchel I had ever lusted over I would be buried under a never ending pile of satchels, my street would be filled & so would the next two streets. So you can imagine that to be of a buy-able standard a satchel has to be REALLY cute. Well, this one is. The fox on the front of this is super adorable & the catches are more secure than magnets but not as hard to open as the buckles on the Cambridge Satchel Company satchels.

Abrams & Chronicle Paris Street Style Book. I love books & I love fashion but weirdly I don't harbour a passion for fashion books. This book may change all that . I love Parisian fashion, it is so effortlessly cool & classic, & this book is a GREAT manual. I got it recently, it's the BEST & full of really great photos. A BRILLIANT Christmas gift.

ASOS Red Lipstick Pen. This is such a fun, silly pen. It reminds me of...did you guys ever see the Sarah Jane Adventures? My foster brother LOVED that show & in it Sarah Jane had a sonic lipstick & this really reminds me of that. It also reminds me of Mac's Russian Red (anyone else?). Regardless, what ever this reminds you of it is a great small gift or stocking stuffer.

Dollydagger Rose Earrings. I love Dollydagger as a centre of all things vintage/retro & these earrings are the cutest vintage/retro cuteness! If these aren't your thing you should still check out Dollydagger, they really are the most awesome vintage loveliness.


  1. I love the little necklace and the packaging is so cute. It would be great to send to friends in other countries, as it would just go in the normal letter/card post. I've not heard of Dollydagger before, but those earrings are so cute. I'll defo be checking them out.
    Love Vicky x

    1. The necklace is definitely my favourite thing in the gift guide & I have & LOVE the book....
      You wouldn't believe how stunning the clothing is on dollydagger, I've been listing over some of the stuff on their for 5-6 years x

    2. I'd love to see you do a gift guide, I bet you've got some great ideas x


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