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Friday 17 January 2014

Spoonie Posting: Hand Tremors

This isn't really a post so much as a whinging fest...
I have developed hand tremors. Not all the time - it's just when I'm really tired - but it's horrible & I have no idea how to cope with them.
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Does anyone have any advice on how to cope with tremors? Is there anyway to make them go away? How do you button things up or apply eyeliner/mascara while your hands are shaking? How much does it effect electric wheelchairs? Is it worth telling my doctor?


  1. *hugs* Make sure you eat and drink enough, and get enough rest (I know there is no such thing as enough rest in the chronic illness game, but you get what I mean). It can simply mean you are hungry, dehydrated or over tired. Arm strengthening exercises are good and help. Yes, tell your Doctor. He/she should always be aware of your symptoms and can advise if there is a course of action that can be taken. Don't worry - easier said than done I know - but makes everything worse.
    I get hand tremors and still manage eye makeup and things with the help of cotton buds and eye makeup remover. Same with nails and nail pens. My tremors don't effect controlling my wheelchair if they are low level. Spasms can cause involuntary hand movements, but provided you aren't on the edge of a cliff or anything, you'll be fine. There are worse things than being embarrassed. Today I drove my wheelchair into the checkout at the supermarket when I tried to pay. We all had a good laugh. I can't cope with buttons, but don't worry about that, or anything at this stage. Take each new thing as it comes and try not to project. Again, I know it is much easier said than done. Also if you are worried, try to make sure you are with someone when you go out. Be kind to yourself, and please do drop me an email if you'd like to chat.
    Love Vicky

    1. Thank you for all your advice :)
      I guess I'll get used to it & learn to's just scary when new symptoms start (you'll know the feeling).
      I really don't want to tell my doctor though - she always makes me feel about an inch tall when I have new symptoms & - cause the nhs & M.E. really don't see eye to eye - there is never anything to do about them except put it in the computer....I guess I have to tell her about them though don't I? This is going to be a super fun trip to the doctors "Yes I got a electric wheelchair. Please stop sucking your teeth. Oh, also I've developed intermittent hand tremors....yes, i think my M.E. is getting I don't think I'm going to 'get better', the M.E. unit discharged me, they have no interest in my symptoms........yes I will come back in 12 months."
      Sorry...tmi.....thank you for all the advice!



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