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Friday 14 February 2014

Casual Wheelchair Fashion - Trench & Jeans

* Jeans - Next * Jumper - Old River Island, similar here & here * Trench - Burberry via ebay *
 * Bag - Zara * Necklace - etsy * Shoes - old sale, similar here & here *
I got a little bit of a giggling fit when taking the pictures but I think they turned out okay...

Usually I think wheelchair fashion has to be a little bit different to regular fashion but there are some basics that work regardless & one of those basics is an outfit like this - trench coat, jeans, flats & basic top.
The trench is a genuine Burberry that I got on ebay for £50! The quality is so much better than any coat I've ever had before & the bag is from Zara & is just stunning! Cutest bag I have ever owned by a long way :) Definitely look out for a what's in my bag video done with this bag.

I'm going to go back to watching the figure skating I've got recorded which is the extent of my valentines day plans. I hope you have a great time with your valentines day plans & that Britain steps up it's game in the ice dancing....


  1. Love the trench coat. You look beautiful!!

    Christina ♥♥

  2. Hello there,
    Did you happen to know that we design couture to wear in a wheelchair?
    At Chairmelotte's Online Store you'll find our collection: beautiful and practical clothing specially designed to wheel in an wheelchair. Completely tailored to the wishes of wheelchair users. You are very welcome to our online store !

    1. That's awesome. I had no idea :) The dresses are so cute! I'm always so happy when hear about people who are making stunning wheelchair fashion.

      Sally x


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