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Tuesday 18 February 2014

Ways to Survive Symptom Flares

Via pinterest
This is, according to blogger, my 100th post & it seems only right that it be about what started this whole thing off, the debilitating crap-tastic-ness of an M.E. flare.
I know I have already done a video on this but one of the things about flaring is that they always manage to surprise you with new, even crappier symptoms that aren't fixed with your usual coping mechanisms....just me?

In the middle of playing endless mindless puzzle games on my iPad, gorging myself on ASDA's amazing fresh rice pudding & watching the ice skating in an attempt to numb my pain, I wondered what 'weird' coping mechanisms other spoonies have. So, without further ado:

@miss_practical sleeps with the fan on sunggled under a duvet (tried & totally recommend, however crazy eccentric you may feel) with an eye mask on...nail painting & word searches when she has energy

 Raime from Uniquely Unable recommends tea, movies & ibuprofen

Vicky of around & upside down recommends low level internet activities (twitter, pinterest etc), audiobooks, box sets & trash tv. Also TENs machines, hot baths & hot water bottles for the pain

@idlevic recommends listening to your body as much as possible, trying to keep to normality as much as possible & doing 'easy activities' in the gaps when lack of energy stops you for doing normal activities e.g. colouring books, magazines, audiobooks & podcasts.

I have to say that recently my coping mechanisms have been ASDA's fresh rice pudding (the best possible comfort food), the ice skating which has been amazing (how good were the British ice-dancing couple? And the American couple who danced to Les Miserables!) & iPad games like Tetris Blitz, Plants vs Zombies & Candy Crush...mind you I would love to find better coping mechanisms! Also, heat pads and audiobooks...

What are your coping mechanisms? Anything mentioned that you know wouldn't work for you? Have you any idea which nutter has your voodoo doll?

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