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Monday 24 March 2014

Sephora Wishlist

Okay, I am probably the thousandth British beauty nerd to get over excited by the fact that Sephora is shipping to the UK. I have already made one order & am contemplating making another. Yes I am that sad. No I am not embarrassed.
So to try & defuse some of my Sephora obsession I thought I'd post a wishlist. These posts are great for my bank balance as I only ever end up getting one or two of the items I put on a wishlist....I don't know it's probably some kind of bloggers curse, one that totally works to my advantage.
Seriously though there are some awesome beauty bits & pieces available on Sephora & these are the ones I'm lusting over the most.
  1. Tarte 'Eye-ssentials' discovery kit: This kit is something I am definitely going to order. I have been envious of those able to get hold of the discovery kits/value sets Sephora does for years & this is a really good one. First off - it's Tarte. Plus there's a mascara, cream eyeshadow, inner-rim eyeliner & an eyeshadow brush....all for £21.21.
  2. Tarte Amazonian Clay Blushers: These are one of those products that will be in everyone of these gush-y posts. The Amazonian clay blushers are something I have consistently lusted over since their release. In my last order I got Exposed (which is the classic shade you will all have heard of) & I have to say....the formula is EVEN BETTER than I thought it was going to be. The shades I'm lusting over at the minute are Charisma - a 'warm golden apricot' - & Blushing Bride - a plumy rose.
  3. Kat Von D Lock-It Tattoo Concealer: I don't know if anyone else remembers this but MissJessicaHarlow used to use this loads back in the day & I've wanted to try it ever since.
  4. Lancôme Colour Design 5 Shadow Palette: This is another product I've wanted to try because of YouTube videos I watched way back when. Way back when, Michelle Phan was sponsored by Lancôme or something & used to use loads of Lancôme makeup in her videos & it used to really bug me that the Lancôme makeup in the UK was really different to the makeup they had in America. So now I have access to that makeup I really want to take advantage...
  5. Tarte Glamazon Lipstick: I'm totally obsessed with Tarte makeup, packaging & formulas & that is the excuse I'm going to give for why I want to try this. There really isn't any logical explanation I can come up with.
  6. Marc Jacobs Style Eye-Con No.3: I was so excited when I heard about the Marc Jacobs makeup line...unfortunately it's only available in America so obviously it features in my Sephora wishlist. Most people have been going on about the 7-pan palette in Lolita, which is also stunning, but I love the Glam 3-pan palette & that is the one I will probably end up getting.
  7. Kat Von D Saint Palette: The Kat Von D makeup line has some truly stunning colourful eyeshadow palettes but weirdly, the more I look at them, the more I like this one. It's just a really lovely neutrals palette. The only one that is nearly as nice is the Poetica palette....
  8. Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Foundation: EssieButton has only good things to say about this foundation & since her recommendations are almost always excellent....this is a foundation I have to try
  9. Rollerball Perfumes: Rollerball perfumes are - in my opinion - one of the best things Sephora sells. They are just so clever & neat & I just love them. The two that I HAVE to get are the Marc Jacobs Dot rollerball & the Marc Jacobs Honey rollerball. And maybe just a few others...
  10. Marc Jacobs Re(Marc)able Full Cover Concealer: I'm weirdly obsessed by the Marc Jacobs concealers. Maybe because I have pretty much found my perfect foundation but I am still looking for my perfect concealer? Maybe because - with the state my skin is in at the minute - I am longing for extreme coverage? Whichever it is, this is the concealer I want to try the most...however unlikely it is that I will pay the £20.57 for it.
  11. Buxom Full-On Lip Polish: This is possibly the coolest item on my wishlist & probably the only one I will never get my hands on. Buxom has released 100 shades in their plumping lipgloss & you have no idea how exciting that is to a makeup nerd like me. Unfortunately Sephora cannot ship the Buxom range to the UK so I will be left to lust after the shades. My favourite are Grace, Brooke, Emma, Allison, Sugar & Maria.

What are your favourite things from Sephora? Is there anything you really want but that Sephora won't ship?

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