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Wednesday 26 March 2014

What's in my bag? video

I cannot believe I never filmed one of these before. Actually that's not true. I never used to have a handbag before so this video would have been pretty difficult lol. When I started using a wheelchair it became really difficult to hold a handbag (anyone who has ever self-propelled will testify to this) & I already had enough problems with my school books on my lap. I DID NOT want to add to that with a handbag. And then when I couldn't self propel anymore, but still had a manual wheelchair, I would often end up with my mum's bag on my lap whilst she pushed me.
So...what I'm saying is that the handbag is new because of the added freedom my electric chair gives me.....end speech :)

The handbag makeup bag post I mention is here and the lipstick queen review is here.

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