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Monday 3 March 2014

Spring Trends for Wheelchair Users - Pastels

* Pink Leather Jacket * Cropped Gingham Shirt * Cream Lace Skirt * Lilac Shirt Dress * Lace Back Henley Top *
* Cream Crochet JumperRose Gold Watch * Nude Handbag * Coral Midi Skirt *

Not my usual Monday post I know but all I can think about is Spring fashion (I went shopping on Sunday, looked everywhere & came away with 2 pairs of basic leggings...that's seriously it!).
Today I am going to finish my mini series attempting to understand spring style for wheelchair users. I may post a fashion wish list later in the week with bits from both trends....or I might not. We'll see :)

Pastels is a classic Spring fashion trend. I can't think of a year when it hasn't been THE big thing...
Seen as how it is 'THE big thing' it kind of covers all the other trends. Obviously everyone has their own opinions on what the trends are, but I think that they are graphic prints (like I said in the last post), sheer fabrics, lace, boxy crop tops & very full midi skirts.

It's not really to my taste but it can be worked round...mostly by careful usage of high waists & soft fabrics in skirts - I can't imagine many things worse than full midi skirt, in a stiff fabric, getting caught in the component parts of a wheelchair lol.

My favourite pastel item is this nude handbag from Zara that I actually already have (it was in my trench coat ootd) but I have to recommend it. It is the best way give a subtle nod towards pastel I have found, it is the best handbag I have ever owned & it is super cute, practical & really great for hanging off the arm rests of my wheelchair.

After that is probably the lace-y Henley top. I LOVE Henley tops, I think they are so effortlessly casual & are so great for layering or wearing casually on their own.... This Henley top is so cute & comes in so many lovely pastel shades, dually on trend.

I've been trying to avoid dresses (you just can't make as many outfits with a dress so they're not cost effective) so when I say that I may have to buy this shirt dress from ModCloth, know that I think it is something really special. Shirt dresses are such a staple because they can be smart or casual with minimal effort, plus this one is such a cute, vintage-y shape, adorable lilac pinstripe pattern & it's a great length for this season.


  1. So cute! Love the colors and classic style <3 Alex

    1. Thank you :) Hopefully I manage to make this translate into my spring style....*fingers crossed*



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