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Tuesday 11 March 2014

Veronica Mars

Cast your mind back to 2007, the year Veronica Mars got cancelled. I was in Year 10 & had only just discovered Veronica Mars. I never really fit in at school; I was just too geek-y, too shy & too me.

Veronica Mars spoke to me unlike anything else. The characters were outcasts too but they had friends & they were appreciated for what they did. Plus, how cool were the things Veronica Mars said to the 09er losers? I used to watch episodes before I went to school to get me into the 'Veronica Mars' mind set. I'd spend the day with snappy retorts to people waiting on the tip of my tongue - I never got to use them but it made me feels much more bad-ass.

When I finished Season 3 & realised there were no more seasons coming it was kind of crushing. Season 3 hadn't been the best but it was still Veronica Mars & I knew there was better still to come. So many questions I still wanted answers too not least of which was what was going to happen next...

So now the Veronica Mars movie coming out I thought I'd do some Veronica Mars appreciation this week. There will possibly even be a Veronica Mars marshmallow recipe.... If you guys are really good :P

I had planned to leave you with a few of my favourite Veronica Mars quotes but really they are best in context. So instead, click through to see the movie trailer.


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