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Thursday 13 March 2014

Collective Spring Fashion Haul

Gosh, what a terrible thumbnail...
I can't believe I didn't post this yesterday...I had truly blissful day reading the latest Mercy Thompson book cover to cover. Then I was lying quietly trying not to breathe too much - cause I'd used up too much energy, far too quickly - &  I guess I forgot. Totally worth it though! If I ever do a post about my favourite book series - which I think I might have to - you will find me waxing lyrically about the Mercy Thompson books...
Anyway, this is just a kind of oversized haul of all the totally random things I've been buying to fill up the very depleted spring wardrobe you have been hearing WAY too much about. Sorry about that. This is probably the last thing I have to say on the matter...
As always, the video is after the 'read more' link :)

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